Sunday, 21 September 2014

#100HappyDays: Week 3

Happy Sunday lovelies! A few weeks ago I told you guys about the 100 Happy Days challenge I'm doing on my Instagram with a few other bloggers and every Sunday I'm sharing all the pictures here on my blog. So here we go:

Day 15: 'If you can't stop thinking about it - Don't stop working for it' - one of my favourite quotes! I have a long list of quotes on my phone and whenever I feel like I need some motivation I take a minute to read them. 

Day 16: A new shopping centre opened up close to where I live and as a shopaholic there was no way getting round going on the opening day. I found a Kiko and couldn't help but picking up a few things. Their eyeshadows are great! 

Day 17: The third week and I already failed to post a picture - sorry! I basically spent all day in bed with a migraine. I get them quite regularly and sometimes all I can do is lay in bed and meditate. I thought about posting anything just for the sake of this challenge but then I thought this is supposed to be for me and if I don't feel good I'm not going to pretend.

Day 18: I always get really nervous when I post something personal but reading the comments on my last post made me much more confident. You guys are so lovely, thank you! 

Day 19: September is coming to an end and all the shops are getting their Autumn fashion in. Jumpers, fluffy cardigans, beanies and boots everywhere you look! I love it! 

Day 20: Look at all these pretty colours. Everything about this season makes me happy. I really do love Autumn! 

Don't forget you can join along using the #100HappyDays anytime. Hazel, Carolin, Tess, Misha, Laura and Aisha are also doing it on Instagram. 

I've really been enjoying talking you through my week with the help of my happy days posts. What have you been up to this week? xo, Marie 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Some Changes

Hello beauties! I'm not sure if any of you noticed but I've been really struggling to come up with any good blog post ideas lately. I'm sure part of it was the so called 'bloggers blues' but I also think it was because I just wasn't really happy with my blog in general. I don't feel like I have particularly good writing skills and I thought maybe I'm not cut out to be a blogger.

When I started this blog six months ago I had a specific idea of what I wanted my blog to be like. I wanted it to be a place where I could not only write about the things I love but also about more serious topics and general life experiences. Now I'm obviously doing the part 'writing about the things I love' which is beauty, music and TV shows for example but I honestly really struggle with the 'more serious topics and giving advice' part.

I wanted to discuss topics like growing up, friendships, self-confidence and all that jazz and I actually have a self-confidence series all laid out and written I'm just not brave enough to post it. I don't really know why, I guess it's just because I'm scared of your reaction. When it comes to things like this I always tend to over-analyse what could happen. I know people always say the more you overthink the less you'll understand but I just can't help it.

Anyways, the reason I'm sharing these thoughts with you today is because I wanna make some changes over the next few weeks. I'm going to try to write a lot more about life related topics and maybe even do some little life projects here and there. At first I thought I'm only 20 (almost 21) years old so what do I know? But you know what? I feel like even as a young adult I have a lot of perspective. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to write beauty reviews, hauls and tell you all about my monthly favourites. I just wanna make this blog a bit more personal and who knows maybe some day I am brave enough to post my self-confidence series. Just bare with me this might take some time. 

I hope you'll enjoy the changes I'm going to make and if you have anything you'd want me to write about please let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts. xo, Marie

Sunday, 14 September 2014

#100HappyDays: Week 2

Hi lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend! As some of you might know I started the #100HappyDays challenge with a few other lovely bloggers. Hazel, Carolin and Tess for example and even though I'm only two weeks in to the challenge I feel like it already made a difference. I feel like I'm much more aware of the things that make me happy and actually take a moment to appreciate them.

Day 8: My apartment and I may looked like a complete mess this day but I was extremely happy to renovate my own place.

Day 9: Two cars full of furniture and five people was all it took to make my apartment feel like home. Can you tell I was excited?

Day 10: Blogging is my new passion and music soothes my soul so bringing the two together make for a perfect evening!

Day 11: As soon as I got back from renovating my apartment I went to see my great grandma in hospital and brought her these flowers. She loved them!

Day 12: A hot chocolate and fluffy slippers kind of morning. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I stayed in bed, watched some of my favourite TV shows and drank some hot chocolate. Made me feel a lot better!

Day 13: I went out for lunch with one of my closest friends, hadn't seen her since the holiday. Oh and I had a burger. Happy me!

Day 14: Sunday is my pamper day which includes face masks, a relaxing bath, reading blog posts and doing my nails. Choosing the colour is always the hardest part. (Went for Essie 'Bahama Mama' today)

This week has been so much fun and I can't wait to see what comes next. If you fancy reading more about this challenge click here or here and feel free to follow me on instagram @fascinationbeauty, for daily updates. xo, Marie

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#autumnappreciation tag

Hello loves! I recently stumbled across the #autumnappreciation tag started by the lovely Carolin from and since it's now almost the middle of September I thought I'd join along and share my seven favourite things about Autumn with you. Autumn has always been my favourite season of the year I just love everything about it really. But I'm gonna try my best to narrow it down. 

Chestnuts - Growing up I absolutely loved collecting tons of chestnuts and building little figures with them. Now I don't know if this is a thing in other countries but I'm sure my fellow German bloggers know what I'm talking about (please say you do!). You basically collect a bunch of chestnuts bring them home and get some toothpicks to stick them together. My favourite things to build were horses and hedgehogs but you can build many different things. I always used to do it in kindergarten with all my friends and I remember it being so much fun! 

Outdoor Workouts - For me, Autumn is the best time to get my trainers out and go for a run in the park. I love looking at all the pretty trees and the bright red and orange leaves and it's the perfect temperature to workout outside. Not too warm and not too cold - love it! 

Fashion - I'm not really a big fan of wearing shorts, vests, bikinis or skirts which is why I adore Autumn fashion. Jumpers, beanies, scarfs, tights and cardigans make me feel much more comfortable. I can't wait to go on my annual Autumn shopping trip. 

TV Series - As a fellow series junkie I absolutely agree with Carolin on this one. Summer breaks suck, at least when it comes to TV. I can't wait for all my favourite series to return. Only two and a half weeks until Grey's Anatomy is back, just sayin'. 

Halloween - Duh?! I mean who doesn't love Halloween? Horror movies, pumpkin carving, parties, Halloween makeup, I love it all! I'm such a child when it comes to things like this. Don't believe me? Oh just wait until Christmas, you'll see.

Burning Candles - I don't usually burn a lot of candles in my room but this year, for some reason, I've been really looking forward to buying candles. Maybe it's because I'm moving into my own flat in a few weeks I don't know but I can't wait to snuggle up on my sofa and burn some candles. I really wanna get one from Jo Malone.

Fresh Start - For me Autumn is not just about the pretty colours and the crunchy leaves. It's also about fresh starts. It doesn't matter if you're starting a new job, going to university or going back to school. The start of something new is always exciting - make it count! 

Can you tell I'm excited for Autumn? Do you love Autumn as much as I do? Please tell my why - I would love to know. xo, Marie

Sunday, 7 September 2014

#100HappyDays: Week 1

Happy Sunday lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend - I certainly had! Last week I told you guys about the 100 Happy Day challenge and today I would like to share my first week with you.

Day 1: Monday was the 1st of September which, for me, tells me that Autumn (my favourite season of the year) will be here soon! Who else is SUPER excited for Autumn? Seriously, I can't wait for the leaves to change colour and the weather to get colder. I absolutely love the colder months.

Day 2: Tuesday was kind of a weird and hectic day but watching a bunch of 'The Following' episodes in the evening made me feel a lot better. I just love this show. If you've read my last post about my favourite TV shows (click HERE) you'll know that I'm obsessed with it.

Day 3: Even though Wednesday was really chilled I kind of felt stressed and a bit down to be honest but watching some of Sammis' (Beautycrush) old videos made me smile. She always cheers me up. I love her happy and lovely personality and her videos are so well made. I could watch her videos all day long!

Day 4: On Thursday I gave in and finally bought the Zara City Bag. I had my eye on this bag for absolutely ages but for some reason I never bought it. I needed (I say 'needed' but to be honest I own more than enough bags) a bigger bag with enough space for my laptop and notebooks - something appropriate for university. So I thought why not invest in a piece that's going to last me a while instead of buying something cheap that's going to fall apart in two months.

Day 5: On Friday I did my first ever 'beauty class' for some of my friends. I was really flattered when they asked me to teach them the things I know about makeup and I enjoyed every second of it. Being able to talk about the things I love always makes me happy.

Day 6: I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere but I'm actually moving out of my parents' house in three weeks which is why me and one of my oldest friends (we met in fifth grade) decided to go home decor shopping. Unfortunately we didn't find a lot but we still had a fun day together. We always laugh a lot and end up taking silly pictures, like this one.

Day 7: Today has been a really chilled day. I spent most of my day reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos (that's what Sunday are made for, right?) but I did start with some DIY home decor projects. I love the idea of spicing up boring home decor with some DIY. I'm planning on doing a few projects and I'm definitely going to share them on my blog, if they actually turn out looking good.

That's is it for my first week of the #100HappyDay challenge but before I go I'd like to tell you something exciting. Tess from and Hazel from are joining the challenge - starting tomorrow. Both of them are going to share their pictures on Instagram, so make sure to follow them @simplybeingyoung and @hazeljaneblog. If you fancy joining as well please do! The more people - the better. xo, Marie

Thursday, 4 September 2014

My Favourite TV Shows

Hi lovelies! Today's post was supposed to be my monthly favourites but then I realised I didn't really have any new favourites to show you, except a music favourite and a TV favourite. So I thought instead of boring you with the same things I'd do something different and tell you all about my favourite TV shows. To be completely honest with you I have a not so mild obsession with TV shows. Seriously. You name it - I watched it. Or at least decided whether I like it or not. There is something about TV that's different to any movie. The way the characters are built gives you a chance to identify with them - not just for 90 or 120 minutes - for months or maybe even years. My favourite genres are crime/thriller, drama and mystery. I'm not going to talk about Grey's Anatomy today because I mentioned it before and you all know it's my number one TV show. I've been watching it for eight years and absolutely love it. If you want to see me getting way too excited about it you can click HERE and read my 15 Random Facts About Me post. So let's get started. 

OC California is an older show and sadly no longer on air. It came out in 2003 I believe and back in the day I used to be completely obsessed with it. It is one of my all time favourite shows and I could watch it over and over again. In fact I watched all four seasons multiple times already. If you haven't seen it you should definitely go and watch it. I absolutely love it - it basically is about this guy Ryan who comes from a bad area in California called Chino. In the beginning of the show he is in a lot of trouble and gets a public defender who lives in Orange County with his wife and son and long story short Ryan ends up moving into their pool house and gets to start a new life, sort of. Back in the day I used to have a little crush on Benjamin McKenzie. I even had a poster of him on my wall *lol*. Anyways I highly recommend this show. 

The only bad thing about TV shows is that there is such a long break in between seasons which kind of makes you want to watch something new to kill time and this is exactly why I started watching 'The Following'. At the beginning I thought it is going to be an 'okay' show boy was I wrong! It's my new obsession. I absolutely LOVE this show. All it took was 20 minutes of the first episode and I was hooked. I watched both seasons in about two weeks and now I have to wait till January to watch the third season. It's an epic show about this serial killer Joe Caroll who killed fourteen young women and this FBI agent Ryan Hardy. I don't want to give anything away but I highly recommend this show. Joe Caroll is such a fascinating character and I have to admit I have a slight crush on him, even though he is the bad guy - but he has a British accent so that makes is acceptable, I guess. ;) 

A great show but totally different to the others. It's about these four girls who get strange text messages from a person called A. It starts at the beginning of a school year which also marks the one year anniversary of the day their best friend went missing. It basically shows the girls trying everything to find out who this A person is. To be honest didn't really watch the fourth season so I definitely have some catching up to do. But I can't wait to get back into this show.

#4 Law And Order: SVU

A cult classic in the TV crime genre. I basically watched all of the Law & Order series last year during my A-Levels but SVU was my favourite. I don't know how they handle it in other countries but here in Germany we basically get three months off school to study for exams and even though I did quite well with that I obviously didn't study 24/7 so I spent most of my free time watching Law & Order. Before I got really into it I didn't realise there is so many of them. My favourite character is Detective Olivia Benson. She is in it from the beginning and such a kick-ass character. I love her.

#5 Criminal Minds

Another classic in the crime genre and one of my all time favourites. I really like the stories they come up with even though they can be really creepy from time to time. My favourite characters are Dr. Reid (gotta love him - so funny) and Agent Morgan (just look at him - there is no way you cannot not like him). I don't watch it religiously cause I find most of the time the story lines are not really connection which means you could easily watch episode 22 before you watch episode 19. Tonight is actually the start of the new season (yay!) I'm now going to put my laptop aside and watch a bit of Criminal Minds. 

I hope you guys like this post even though it's slightly different. I just love doing posts I'm genuinely excited about. There are obviously many other shows I love, these are just the ones I've never mentioned before. Let me know what if think about any of these shows and if you have a show you think I should watch. I'm always on the hunt for new shows! xo, Marie

Sunday, 31 August 2014


Happy Sunday lovelies! A week ago I came across the 100 Happy Day challenge and absolutely loved the concept of it. It's basically a challenge to document anything that makes you happy for 100 days and then share it on your social media. If you fancy finding out more about this challenge click HERE

Inspiring, isn't it? 

I love these kind of simple yet inspiring challenges. With many (sort of) overwhelming changes coming up in the next couple of weeks my mind has been all over the place lately. I feel like all I've been doing for the past weeks is thinking about what's to come rather than what I have now and I wanna change that with this challenge. 

I'm going to be sharing my photos on Instagram and Twitter. I'm also going to be posting a weekly roundup of the things that made my happy on my blog. I would love for you to join along with me and together we can try to be happy for 100 days in a row! Don't forget to use the Hashtag #100HappyDays. ;)

Hope you guys had a great weekend! xo, Marie 
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