Sunday, 24 August 2014

Top 5 Life | Hangover Cures

Happy Sunday loves and welcome back to another Top 5. I've done a few of these in the past and today I thought I'd put a little spin on it by choosing a non beauty related topic - Hangovers.


Being a 20 year old student I've had my fair share of drunken nights, which means that I know how it feels to wake up with a massive headache not knowing when you got home, who you talked to and most importantly who you texted last night. 

As luck would have it I'm currently sitting on my bed, drinking my third bottle of water and trying to get rid of a not so mild hangover so I thought why not share my tips on how to cure these bloody hangovers. So without further ado here are the things I like to do after a night out.

1. Take a shower or a nice long bath
Nothing makes you feel better, refreshed and more awake that a long shower or a hot bath.

2. Drink loads of water
I never wanted to believe this, but it's true. Drinking a load of water really helps. Due to the alcohol you body can be quite dehydrated which makes you feel tired and sometimes a bit dizzy.

3. Work out
Something I always do if I'm not feeling too poorly. Some of you might think I'm crazy but getting out of bed, going for a run and getting some fresh air always cures my hangover. If you can't motivate yourself to work out, go for a walk instead. The fresh air will work wonders.

4. Treat yourself to comfort foods
I don't know about you but I always crave some good old fast food after a night out. However if you're feeling really poorly I wouldn't recommend eating a burger.

5. Hang out with a friend
Preferably the one you went out with. He or she most likely feels just as dizzy and bad as you do, so why not try to cure the hangover together? You could go for a meal, work out together or just hang out and have a chat about last night's events. I mean what would a night out be without a little gossip the day after. 

6. (Sorry I cheated) Stay in bed, watch a movie, listen to music and sleep it off
I'm sure most of us had at least one of these days when you had one (or maybe two) too many the night before and just feel like crap. All you want to do is stay in bed, watch a movie or a bunch of YouTube videos and basically do nothing. If that's the case all I can say is - go ahead! Trust me I've had my fair share of these kind of days and let me tell you there is nothing worse than someone dragging you out of bed and pretty much forcing you to do stuff.

These are the things that work best for me. Obviously everybody is different and there is a lot more you could try. What are the things you do after a night out? xo, Marie

Disclaimer: Don't drink if you are under age and always drink responsibly.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

1 Product 2 Looks: Maybelline Colour Tattoo

Hello beaut's! Last week, when I posted the second part of my Spain beauty haul (read HERE), one of my lovely readers asked me to post a look using this beautiful and bright Colour Tattoo by Maybelline in the colour 'Turpuoise Forever'. So today I figured why not sit down for an hour or two and try to come up with a few looks using this product. Now I'm necessarily not one to sit down and take some time to try new looks however this was actually quite fun. I think I'm gonna do this more often now. Before I start I just wanna say that I'm in no way a trained makeup artist, I also never posted some kind of tutorial before but I still hope that the pictures and my description are of any help. Anyways enough rambling onto the finished looks. 

1. Ombré Eyeliner

You Need: 
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Turquoise Forever'
  • eyeshadow primer
  • black gel eyeliner
  • liquid eyeliner 
  • angled brush 
  • pointed eyeliner brush
  • Blending brush 
  • Shader brush
The first look I that came to my mind is this winged ombré eyeliner. I first primed my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion to get rid of any oils and shine. I then used the colour 'Naked 2' from the NAKED Basics Palette and a fluffy brush to give my crease some definition. On my lid I applied a bit of 'WOS' just to brighten it up. You could use any eyeshadow you want at this point but I'd advice you to keep the eye area all matte cause we want the eyeliner to get the most attention (I hope that makes sense). 

Next you want to use some kind of angled eyeliner brush. I used a random one I got in Sephora. Dip the brush into the creme eyeshadow and apply just like you would apply any eyeliner. I started it the middle of my eye cause that's where I wanted it to be the most pigmented. Don't worry if you don't get a lot of pigment straight away, just dip your brush into the shadow and build up the colour. 

I then went onto my inner corner with whatever was left on the brush. I didn't pick up any more product because I wanted my inner corners to be the lightest. You could also apply a white eyeliner as a base to really make that area stand out. I didn't have one with me, so I just tried to use as little product as I could.

To create the ombré effect in the outer corner I used gel eyeliner and blended it with the turquoise. I also switched the angled brush with a regular eyeliner brush - the soft liner brush by Zoeva. If you want the transition to be seamless go back and forth with the black and the turquoise. And finally, because I can never get a sharp line when using a gel eyeliner, I used my tried and tested liquid liner by Essence (any liquid eyeliner will do) to create my wing - that's your ombré eyeliner complete. All you need to do now is to apply your usual foundation routine and you're ready to head out the door. I chose a nude lip for today (Patisserie by MAC) but if you were to feel a bit adventures you could easily wear a bright lip with it. 

2. Smoked Out Bottom Lashline

You Need:
  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Turquoise Forever'
  • black eyeliner (I used liquid) 
  • blending brush 
  • large shader brush 
  • angled brush 
  • small shader brush/pencil brush
The second look I chose is a smokey bottom lashline with a pop of colour - which is actually way easier than the first one. All you need to do is apply your usual foundation routine and some kind of neutral eyeshadow look. 

I used my NAKED Palette by Urban Decay, which I've fallen back in love with. I applied 'Naked' as a transition colour, 'Buck' to define my crease, 'Sin' all over the lid and 'Virgin' on my brow bone and inner corner. I feel like I mentioned this eyeshadow look before, but this is just my standard every day look. I then went ahead and applied my winged eyeliner like as usual and applied two coats of the Benefit They're Real Mascara. 

Now onto the fun part - the smokey lashline. At first you want to take your angled brush, pick up some of the product and run it through your bottom lashline. Next, to smoke it out, you want to take a pencil brush or a small shader brush (I personally prefer to use a small shader brush for this but both of them will do the job just fine), a little bit of 'Naked' or 'Buck' and blend it with the turquoise. Using a natural eyeshadow, close to your skin tone, will help to blend the colour and make it look all soft and smokey. Lastly feel free to add some black or white eyeliner in your waterline and some mascara on your bottom lashes and you're good to go. 

I hoped you liked my attempt of a tutorial. Like I said this was my first time and if you have any tips for me, feel free to leave me a comment. If you end up recreating one of these looks I would love for you to tweet them to me (@_marielovely_) or tag me on instagram (@mariesophie93). Thank you so much for reading guys. xo, Marie

Sunday, 17 August 2014

15 Random Facts

Happy Sunday lovelies! This is now the sixth time I'm trying to write this introduction but somehow I just can't get it right. For the past six weeks I've been posting my Summer Lovin' series but since this came to an end last week I thought it was about time to write a fun little post for you to get to know me a bit better. I thought instead of doing another random tag I find on the Internet I'll just share 15 random things you probably didn't know about me - here we go:

1. Dancing is my one true love
and the only sport I really enjoy! I've pretty much been dancing ever since I can remember. I had my first actual lesson when I was about five and it was the best decision I (or my mum, or dad - I don't actually remember what/who got me into dancing classes) ever made. Over the years I did many different styles but Hip Hop and Street Dance have been and still are my favourites.

2. I'm a natural blonde
but because I had the glorious idea of dying my hair brown, a few years ago, I now have to dye my hair blonde regularly to maintain my 'natural' hair colour. So annoying!

3. My nails are painted 24/7. 

4. My biggest pet peeves are chipped nails or even worse chapped lips.
I once had a teacher whose lips were chapped so bad I couldn't help but stare at them whenever he talked to me. Gross!

5. When I lose my phone (or anything, really) I always say 'Code red, I lost my phone, nobody moves!' *lol*

6. I always count on my mum to find the things I lost.
I actually think the quote 'If your mum can't find it, it's gone forever' is very true, in my case. I always ask my mum to help me look for the things I can't find but sadly that's gonna have to stop when I move out next month. How am I supposed to find things without her help? I don't know yet, but I'm gonna figure it out.

7. When I love a song I'll listen to it on repeat
until I don't like it anymore. My current obsession is 'Black Widow' by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. I'm listening to it at this very moment and I probably played that song eighty times today.

8. I can remember lyrics like nobodies business.
Even better, once they are in my head, they'll stay there forever. I still remember all the lyrics from High School Musical even though I haven't watched the movies/listen to the songs in five years.

9. On the subject of music - I never go to bed or get out of bed without listening to music.
Trust me I'm a completely different person if I don't. It's like a little ritual - it just helps me to relax at night or get ready for the day.

10. I'm really impatient. 
That goes for everything, really. Even for TV shows. I much rather wait till the season or even the series is over so I can watch it all at once. Except Grey's Anatomy I can't wait for the season to end I have to watch it right away.

11. With that being said I might as well face it - I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. 
 I can't even begin to describe how much I love this show. Seriously, I probably watched every season about five times and every time a season ends I'll re watch all the 22 episodes and all my other favourite episodes from other seasons (told you I'm obsessed). I even have an alarm set for the day the new season starts. Is this bad? I don't know. But what I do know it that every week I sit there, on the edge of my seat, with my eyes basically glued to my TV, watching a new episode of Grey's Anatomy... Okay now I'm just sounding crazy... Oh Shonda what did you do?

12. I hate going shopping on weekends.
The shopping centres are so crowded, you have to wait around for ages to get into the fitting rooms (told you I'm really impatient *lol*) and everyone seems to be in a hurry.

13. Therefore online shopping is my guilty pleasure.
Those boring evenings/nights when you have nothing to do, are the worst. I always end up browsing through various online shops and buying loads of stuff I don't need.

14. London is my favourite city in the world. 
I just love that there is literally countless things you could do. I love the little unique shops and the markets. I love the atmosphere. I love the lifestyle and the people. I just love everything about it, really. You know how people say 'home is where your heart is'? Well to me, this is London. I just love it.

15. I love the British accent. 
Another reason why I love London (or just the UK in general) so much - I get to hear the British accent a lot! I'm not quite sure what it is about this accent I just feel like it makes everything sound ten times better. Whenever I talk to British people I could just sit there for ages listening to their accent. I recently had a conversation with a friend from London who asked me for advice and halfway through the conversation I said 'sorry could you start again, I got a bit distracted by the accent'. Yeah... I'm a great friend hu?

Geez this was actually quite hard. I hope these 15 facts helped you getting to know me a bit better. I know some of them make me sound a bit wired but what can I say, that's me. I now challenge you to tell me five random facts about you in the comments. I would love to get to know my readers a bit better and who knows maybe we have some things in common. xo, Marie

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Spain Beauty Haul Part 2

LTR - L'Oreal Eva's Nude; L'Oreal J Lo's Nude; Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 470 Glam Plum Fluham; Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink; Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 02 Frambourjoise; Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 08 Grand Cru

Hello beauties! So this post was supposed to go up on Saturday, what a fail! ;) Sorry it took me almost a week to post this but last week has been one busy week... Anyway's here is part two of my Spain beauty haul. Enjoy!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: You're probably thinking she just bought the NAKED 1 why does she need another palette filled with warm neutrals? Well, let my tell you why, I have no idea *lol*. I really had no intention in buying another palette but when I was walking by the Too Faced counter this just caught my eye. The colours are absolutely beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing. And the smell, OH MY GOD, everytime I open this palette it just smells like chocolate. So delicious!

China Glaze Nail Polishes in 'Vermillion' & 'Make An Entrance': Another product you can't really get your hands on here in Germany. I've never tried this line of nail polished before but they seem promising. 'Vermillion' is a true classic red and 'Make An Entrance' a bright pink with blue undertones.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Turquoise Forever': These Maybelline cream shadows are probably my favourite out of the ones I've tried. They are super pigmented, stay on for ages and don't smudge or crease. I bought this bright one thinking I could use it as a pop of colour in my inner corners or on my lower lashline.

L'Oreal Nude Lipsticks: I bought these two (Eva's & J Lo's Nudes) because I realized I really don't have a true nude in my collection. The ones I own are all quite pinkish. I decided to buy these two cause even though I would classify them as true nudes they don't wash you lips out completely. And besides they were really affordable. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks: My favourite lipstick line in the drugstore. I first tried them when I was in London last November and I loved them ever since. They're pigmented, smudge proof, moisturizing and apply like a dream. The colours I went for are 470 'Glam Plum Fulham' a stunning plum, perfect for the colder months, and 180 'Vintage Pink' this sort of mauve pink which really reminds me of 'Midimauve' by MAC.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: I saw ViviannaDoesMakeup talking about them in one of her recent videos and wanted to give them a go. The colous I went for are 02 'Frambourjois' which I would describe as a raspberry shade and 08 Gran Cru which is also a true plum shade perfect for autumn and winter. Now I wore 02 the other day and was really impressed by it however 08 doesn't impress my at all. As you can see in the picture above 08 isn't nearly as pigmented and the formula seems so different. It's flakey and really drying on the lips. I don't know if that's just my tube but putting these two next to each other makes them seem like two completely different lipsticks.

That is it for part two of my Spain beauty haul. I know I went a little lipstick and eyeshadow crazy but what can I say these are two of my favourite things in the beauty world. :) If hope you liked this post and if you fancy taking a look at part one feel free to click HERE. xo, Marie 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Summer Lovin' #6: Summer In Spain

Happy Sunday lovelies! Today is the last day of the week which means it's time for another Summer Lovin' post, the final one in fact. As some of you might know from previous posts or twitter I recently went to Spain for a ten-day-holiday with one of my closest friends. And what can I say we had the best time! I loved spending so much time with her since we both are quite busy and don't see each other as often as we would like. We spent loads of time at the beach, shopping and exploring the city and in true blogger form I always took my phone with me so I would be able to collect some pictures for my blog and as a memory of a great holiday. So here we go!

Spending the days at the beach was actually one of the things I was most excited for. The beach in La Marina was super clean and, as you can see, not crowded at all. It was a great place to just listen to music, enjoy the sun and clear the mind. The water was lovely as well, really clear and a great way to cool off when you became too hot in the sun.

On Tuesday we visited Alicante to do some beauty shopping and of course my first stop had to be Sephora! The Sephora in Alicante was actually quite small but since it was my first time shopping in Sephora I was just as excited. Unfortunately I didn't the all the things from my list but I still bought a bunch of products (read the first part of my beauty haul HERE) and so far I'm really impressed by all of them. 

Later that evening we decided to walk around the city for quite a bit. After a while we got to this beautiful castle which was up on this super high mountain (I believe it was about two hundred meters high). According to the tour guide the castle was built in the ninth century and is called 'Castillio De Santa Barbara'. By the time we got to the top the sun had already set and left us looking out to this stunning view of the city. After we spent quite some time wondering around the castle we decided to go back down and slowly but surly back to the car.

After a few more days at the beach we went to a huge shopping centre in a city nearby. 'La Zenia Boulevard' is an outdoor shopping centre with loads of shops including Primark, H&M, Zara and Bershka. It was quite hot so we didn't actually spent a lot of time there but I feel like both of us got some really cute items. We grabbed some lunch on the way out and as soon we got back to the house we packed our bags and went to the beach... again! ;)

After ten days it was time for me and my friend to go back to Germany. We really wanted to stay longer but both of us had to go back to work. But like I said we really did have the best time. It was great to be able to talk to her and to properly catch up. We also already planned to go on another holiday some time in the future. We really would like to go to Dubai. :) 

There you go guys this is what I've been up to during my holiday in Spain. I'm sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, I didn't take my precious DSLR camera for obvious reasons. I hope you enjoyed reading this post anyway and if you think about going there yourself, do it. It's a great place with loads of different people and things to do. 

Since this is the last post of my summer series: Would you like me to do a new series for the upcoming season? Autumn is my favourite season and I would be happy to share my looks, faves, tips and tricks with you. xo, Marie

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Spain Beauty Haul Part 1

Hello beauties! I hope you enjoyed last weeks posts. My holioday in Spain was amazing (holiday post coming on Sunday)! We did lots of fun stuff, like relaxing at the beach, eating loads of Paella (my favourite Spanish dish!), exploring the city and of course shopping. So for today's post I thought I'd share with you some of the beauty bits I picked up on our very successful shopping trip. And because we were so successful I decided to split this up into two parts so lets dive straight into part one of my Spain beauty haul. 

Urban Decay NAKED Palette: My holy grail eyeshadow palette! If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that my very well loved palette fell down the stairs and completely smashed a couple of weeks ago. I was so gutted that all my favourite colours broke so I had to get a new one. My first one lasted me for about three years so I'm hoping this one will do the same. I just can't live without this palette.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom: As a huge fan of Urban Decay trying out their revolution lipstick line was a no brainier for me. I went for this deep plum colour cause it's August which means autumn (my favourite season of the year) is just around the corner. I wanted a colour I could wear in the colder months and this one seemed perfect. 

Urban Decay Anti-Ageing Primer Potion: I first tried this primer when I got a sample with the NAKED 3 and absolutely loved it. I think it's the best formula of the bunch so I gave in and bought the big one. Wearing this as a base makes my eyeshadow look amazing and I also find when I put this underneath my eyes my concealer doesn't crease as much.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: A concealer I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on so I wanted to try it for myself and so far I'm really liking it. I only have used it for three times so I can't really say much about it but I'll be sure to get back to you on that one.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: A cult classic! I've been meaning to try this foundation out for ages but never really wanted to pay so much for a foundation but when I saw it in Sephora I thought screw it, I saved up for this so I'm gonna buy it now. And what can I say, I'm SO HAPPY that I did. I've been wearing it every day and I LOVE it! It's the best I've ever tried. The coverage is great and the finish is beautiful!

NARS Blush in 'Deep Throat': This beautiful peach colour is the second blush by NARS in my collection. It is not overly pigmented, applies smoothly and has a shimmery finish. I just love NARS blushes and I'm definitely going to buy more in the future but seriously, who comes up with the names *lol*?!

So this is it for the first part of my holiday beauty haul, stay tuned for part two which will hopefully be up on Saturday. You can tell I went a little overboard, can't you? Well what can I say when I get in to a beauty store and see all the beautiful products I always get a bit too excited *lol*. Have you tried any of the products? What is your opinion on them? xo, Marie

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Makeup Story TAG

Happy Saturday beaut's! I hope you guys had a great week. If you read my blog on a regular basis you'll know that I absolutely love to do TAGs. I just love sharing my thoughts on beauty, life and random things with you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do today. A week ago I watched It'sJudyTimes' new video which was the 'My Makeup Story TAG' and thought these questions where so much fun so I just had to respond to them. So this is my very on 'Makeup Story' TAG. I hope you like it! ♥ 

1. When did you start wearing makeup? 
I think I slowly but surely started to wear makeup when I was about fourteen years old and back in the day I only used to wear mascara (loads of it) and some powder. 

2. How did you get into makeup? 
I first really got into makeup when I was about seventeen I think. I remember being shopping with my friends and they talked me into buying a MAC foundation, the Studio Fix Fluid - what a cult classic! And that got the ball rolling. I started watching YouTube videos and just fell in love with the idea of makeup. 

3. What are some of your favourite brands? 
Ugh, that's a hard one. I probably have a different fave for every category. I could probably write a whole blogpost about this question but for now I'm gonna say Urban Decay (their eyeshadows are the balm!), Benefit, MAC Cosmetics, L'oreal Paris and Rimmel London. But like I said if you want me to, I'll write a more detailed post about my fave brands and why I love them. 

4. What does makeup mean to you? 
Now I thought about this question quite a bit and I think I totally agree with what Judy said. I also think makeup is a great pick-me-up and my vanity is kind of like my happy place. Whenever I don't feel great or beautiful or happy or whatever I just go, sit in front of my vanity and do my makeup. I love how, red lipstick for example, instantly makes me feel glamorous or how a winged liner completely changes my look. Whenever I leave the house or go out at night I always say if the liner applied smoothly it's going to be a good night. Weird I know! :D 

5. What do you think about drugstore vs. high end makeup?
I'm a fan of both but in some cases I think you do get what you pay for. Eyeshadows for example. I've tried a tone of drugstore shadows from various different brands but I just can't find ones which compare to my beloved Urban Decay palettes. But then, when it comes to lipsticks for instance I think you don't need to buy the ones by MAC or YSL you could easily find great ones at the drugstore. Rimmel London does some great ones, I absolutely LOVE the Kate Moss collection!

6. What is one tip of advice you can give a beginner? 
Try and find one or two looks which you feel 100% comfortable in. That way when you're having a bad day or going out and are not in the mood or don't like your outfit really that way you'll have something you can just slap on and be done with it. I do that too. I have two looks (the liner and lips look and a gold smokey eye) I always go back to when I'm not feeling it.

7. What it one makeup trend you never understood? 
The whole 'I conceal my lips so that no one will be able to tell if I actually have lips' trend, what the heck? I mean I get that you wanna wear a nude lip when the eye makeup is a bit heavier but why conceal them? That just looks super weird. I don't mean to offend anyone, if you wanna rock that look go ahead it's just not for something I would wear... EVER! 

8. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube? 
I can't really say much about that cause I'm not a YouTuber but from what I can see as a subscribers point of view being a part of it looks like a lot of fun which is why so many people want to do it, me included. And I'm not talking about the freebies you get, I'm talking about meeting new people, gaining new friends and being able to travel a lot. I just think YouTube is a great platform to get yourself out there.

Anyways, this is it for my 'Makeup Story' TAG. I hoped you liked it and I tag all of you! If you end up doing the tag please leave me your links in the comments, I would love to read you answers. xo, Marie

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