Sunday, 10 May 2015

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Hello my loves! I hope you all are doing well! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a video from the Dove YouTube Channel and instantly wanted to share it with you guys. In the video they asked multiple women to sit with a forensic artist and describe their face. The artist took his time and drew the women based on what they described. Then they asked strangers, who just met these women for the first time, to describe what they saw. And what they saw was completely different from what the women described. After the sketch was finished they hung them up right next to each other and asked the women to come back in. And what happened next was just so beautiful. 

They asked the women back inside, showed them the sketches and asked what do you see? Even then most of them said a more beautiful version of me. Even then they didn't realise that this is who they are, this is their beauty. 

The one thing they all agreed with is that they need to work on themselves. Not on their looks but on the way they see themselves. To be honest if I would've been asked to describe my face I probably would've stuck with my big nose, my big oval face, my thin, frizzy hair and my dry skin - which are the things I don't like about my face. I would've totally forgotten about the things I feel are okay, like my eyes or my lips, or the way my eyebrows are shaped. 

Seeing all these women looking at their sketches and realising that they are way more beautiful than they think made me think that maybe we are just not made to see ourselves in the right light. The thing is, just because you are not blond or brunette or have a sculpted face and big blue eyes or a clear skin doesn't mean you are not beautiful. Beauty is relative which means that what might not look great to you, can look beyond beautiful to another person. We as women spend so much time analysing the things we feel are wrong that we actually oversee all the the things that are right. We definitely are our own worst critic. But life is so short, we shouldn't waist time worrying what others think about us, about the way we look because most of the time they won't think the same.

I feel like this is not just about low self-esteem, this also is about perspective. We deal with our personalities every day, we look at our bodies every day - sometimes more often than we should. We fight out own battles every day which is why, over time, we lose perspective. What the women described weren't necessarily their facial features, what they described were the battles they are fighting. One woman talked about her tired and sad looking face which as you can see from the video wasn't at all what her facial features implied, it was what she felt like. She felt tired and sad, yet when you look at it from a perspective, her face still looked beautiful. Which is why we all should take the time and try to see us from a different angle. We should try to see ourselves like strangers do, because when they look at us they don't see our battles. Our battles don't define us.

So next time we stand in front of the mirror we should say you know what maybe I look tired today but my eyes are still big and beautiful, maybe I look sad today but that's okay. I might be sad now but I won't be forever. Always remember, this too shall pass. xo, Marie 

Monday, 4 May 2015

15 MORE Random Facts

Hello there beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend! I actually had something amazing planned for todays post. I was going to talk about the way we see ourselves versus the way others see ourselves and I had it all planned, drafted and ready to go up I got distracted and pressed delete instead of publish, yaaay me! Anyways when I was scrolling through my older posts, in desperate need of a new blog post idea I came across my first 15 Random Facts About Me tag and saw that this was almost a year ago. So I thought, because I've gained some new readers why not share 15 additional random facts about me. It's always nice to get to know the person behind the blog, isn't it? 

1. I am an only child.

2. I have a phobia of snakes.
I can't even watch them on TV. I don't even know why, they just make me feel really uncomfortable! 

3. I never had braces.

4. I'm great at distracting myself.
Yep, guilty! When it comes to studying or anything else I always find something to distracted myself, sometimes it's YouTube, sometimes my TV. But sometimes I just like to stare at my wall!

5. I play with my hair, a lot! 
Some people take it completely wrong and think I'm flirting with them. But I'm not it's just a bad habit I picked up years ago. My best friend, at the time, did it all the time so one day I started doing it as well.

 6. My current favourite movies are Despicable Me 1 & 2.
I can't get enough! Seriously, if you ever have a bad day turn on the first one and you can feel your mood getting better and better. The little girl Agnes is the funniest and cutest girl ever! I still can't get over the scene at the funfair - so adorable! 

7. Speaking of Despicable Me, I have a mild (yeah more like extreme) obsession with Minions.
I do, if you haven't guessed already from my Twitter background or my countless photos on Instagram. I just love these little creatures! Have you seen the trailer of the Minion movie coming out this summer? I'm definitely going to see it the day it comes out!

8. When I'm watching a TV series that's already finished I always google what happens next.
This goes back to the fact that I'm really impatient, I think. I just can't wait to find out what happens to the characters. If someone goes missing, for example, I go on google and find out what happened in no time. It's a bad habit I know but I just can't help myself. 

9. I think too much. 
This goes for everything really. If something embarrassing or bad happened I still find myself thinking about it - late at night - a year or two later.

10. I believe that everything happens for a reason.
Probably the most common and annoying saying ever but I really think it's true. Even if we may not understand it at the time but if you hang in there, I feel like all pieces will eventually fall into place. You just have to have some faith. 

11. I love the rain, especially in the summer. 

12. I love kindness. 
Something that should be common sense, but if you actually think about it there is not much kindness around these days, especially from strangers. I mean is it too hard to smile when you're walking but staring at me anyways? Is it too hard to hold the door open? Is it too hard to help when you see someone struggling with heavy bags? I don't think so! But if you actually meet someone who smiles at you or holds the door open it can make your day! 

13. I LOVE to sleep! 
When I was younger I never wanted to go to sleep at night but as soon as parents stopped telling me when to sleep I went to bed at ten (latest eleven!) and had a (sometimes) four hour nap after school. 

14. I would love to be a child again. 
Not only because I had a great childhood but also because, looking back, being a child was so easy. No worries, everything is taken care of and the biggest decision you have to make is what you want to eat for dinner. 

15. To this day, I only broke one bone in my life! 
I broke my right foot when I was sixteen. Wanna know how it happened? Well, wait for it... I was drunk and fell over a freshly cut bush of roses. Yes you've read right, a bush of roses. Even better, I didn't even feel it and continued walking home for another ten minutes. The next morning I woke up with a red/blue/purple foot and thought I might wanna get that checked out. I told the doctor what happened and he laughed at me and said, careful there might be some bushes out there. Moral of that story, keep away from the bushes or try to come up with a really fascinating story when your doctor asks. 

There you go, these are some more random facts about me. Now you know how I broke my foot and what I do when I'm supposed to be studying, great! Do you have any random facts you'd like to share? I'd love to know! Have a great week! xo, Marie 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Monthly Playlist: April 2015

Hello lovelies! So you know how, at the end of the month, all bloggers post their monthly favourites? Well it's that time again but instead of just sharing my beauty favourites (which will be up next week) I kind of want to change it up a bit and introduce a new series to my blog, my monthly playlist. I've said it multiple times before but just in case you stumbled on my blog just now, I am a total music addict. Music is one of my biggest passions and essential to my day-to-day life. I literally can't get up or go to sleep without listening to music and I absolutely love discovering new songs. So I thought why not share my faves with you. So from now on at the end of (hopefully) every month I will upload a playlist with all my current faves for you to check out. I might even talk about my top three individually here and there but overall this is going to be a post all about music. 

Just before you click play keep in mind that I love very different music genre and artists. I kind of have my chill side which is more singer/songwriter based and I have my turn up side which is packed with loads of hip hop and r'n'b, so don't get confused when I mix James Bay (LOVE that guy) with Drake or Wiz Khalifa.

Hold Back The River - James Bay
When I first saw this guy on a TV commercial here in Germany and first heard his song, I thought that's an alright song. But I seemed to hear this song over and over again and thought, I might wanna look him up after all and since then I'm obsessed with his music. His songwriting and his sound are right up my street and I've been listening to his album nonstop, LOVE that guy! 

Marilyn Monroe - Nicki Minaj
Another song I had never heard of before but when she performed it at her show in Frankfurt (read my concert review HERE) I was very impressed. I always liked her music but I didn't know that she could sing. Definitely a song worth checking out, if you haven't already. 

See You Again - Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth
Oh boy - what a movie, what a song! Fast & Furious never fail when it comes to their soundtrack. I don't want to spoil anything, if you haven't seen it yet, but the way they used this song in the movie was perfect. Even though it's rap, it's a great song to relax and unlike many other rap songs, the lyrics are beautiful! 

There you go guys, these are all the songs I've been loving this month! I hope you liked this post and if you have a song you think I could like, please let me know! I'm always on the hunt for new ones! Have a safe weekend! xo, Marie 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Top 5 Life | Job Interviews

Hello beauties! Last week I told you all about my top tips when it comes to writing applications and I promised you that there would be a part two, all about job interviews (click HERE for part one). Before I get into the tips, just know that the main thing you want to take away from this post is: be yourself! Job interviews can be quite intimidating but try to be yourself. There is no point in playing a role because sooner or later people will know. And besides knowing you got the job because you were yourself is a way better feeling thank knowing they liked the role you played. Anyways, here goes:

Bonus: Pre-Interview
Now when I started writing this post I knew I had lot's of tips to share with you but I didn't really know how to organise them, let alone sum them up into five points. So I thought why not give you guys a little bonus right at the beginning. Before you go into a job interview there are a few things you might want to consider. First, prepare yourself for the question 'why do you want to work at out company'. This is where all that research you did comes in-handy, show them you know much about the company and try to link it with some of your own interests, the more you know the better. Second, make sure you bring multiple copies of your resume. You might not need it but in case the person you are interviewing with asks for it, you can hand it over - better be safe than sorry. And don't be late! That goes without saying, I guess, but I always ask myself when I should leave in order to be on time. Always give yourself an extra 20 minutes for potential traffic. 

First Impression
People always say that the first impression is the one that stays and I think this is so true. So walk, talk, look interested, be confined (not cocky), be friendly, smile and maintain eye contact. Also think about the dress code. Dressing smart is a good choice but try to keep in mind what industry you are interviewing for. When you want to work in a bank, a shirt and trousers or a smart skirt is a safe bet but when you, let's say, interview at a record label a shirt/skirt combo might not be the right choice. Same goes for your makeup, try to see a job interview as a first date with someone you've never met before, you want to look your best without looking like you are trying too hard. And to all my bright lipstick lovers out there, you might want to leave your red lipstick in your purse and safe it for later.

One Minute Pitch
Prepare yourself for the question 'tell me about yourself' by planning out your focus and pointing out relevant skills that you have, early in the interview. The worst thing you want to do is say something like 'well I'm open, friendly, hard working and enthusiastic. I've done this and that before and yeah, well that's about it'. Try to convince them that you are the person you say you were in your application letter, but be real. Try to talk for about a minute, that's long enough for you to explain who you are but not too long that the interviews things you are bragging. 

Avoid Negative Statements
When you successfully get past this question, you know what's coming next. 'What would you say are your greater weaknesses'. This questions is not supposed to make you look bad you trap you in any way, the interviewer just wants to know if there is anything he or she should keep in mind. Now avoid answering it by saying: I work too hard. That's not really a weakness, is it? This way the interviewer will know that you are trying to avoid this answer and will probably get more suspicious. So instead you might want to try to answer the question without really answering it. You want to say something like 'I'm sure that I'm not perfect but according to the job description, I feel like my skills and experiences are a close match. I don't see any reason why I couldn't get up to speed quickly'. That way you definitely answered the should I worry part without saying anything negative.

Your Skills
When talking about your skills focus on the ones that will benefit them immediately. Employers want to hear that you can get up to speed in no time and contribute to their company immediately. Also try to support your claim of being the best candidate by providing examples of situations that show how you can use these skills. Perseverance, for instance. Always a good skill to talk about. When I talk about my ability to get things done I always like to talk about the way I landed an one-month internship at a five-star hotel in London who usually doesn't accept interns under six months. I did all the things I talked about in my last post. Called them, asked if I could speak to the manager, explain them my situation and asked for an interview. I then traveled to London spoke to the manager and made sure to follow up with a call. A month later I got an email accepting my request. For some reason, whenever I tell this story, I get an 'oh really you seem to be very determined'. Which is always a plus. 

Last but not least, the salary question. Now don't be shy when it comes to this question, it's perfectly okay to ask how much you will earn but wait until the end or at least until you are half way through the interview. Otherwise you can give the impression that you are only doing it for the money, which should not be the first thing that comes to your mind when applying and/or interviewing for a job.

There we go these are all my tips regarding job interviews. I hope this post was helpful, if you know more tips and want to share a funny interview story, comment below. I'd love to hear it. xo, Marie 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review: YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation

Hi beauties! When I first got into makeup, bases were never something that interested me. I didn't know what to buy or where to look, so imagine my excitement when I found a foundation that seemed decent at the time (the famous Studio Fix Fluid, in my case). However, recently I've gotten a lot more into it and just bought loads. I've literally been on a hunt for the perfect foundation and after trying many different bases - brace yourselves - I think I found the perfect foundation for my skin. Wait, did she just say perfect? Yes I did. I know, big claims but hang on, I'll tell you why.

I've been lusting after the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation for probably over one and a half years but the one thing that always put me off was the price tag. I'm usually not one to splurge on foundations (I prefer eyeshadows and lipsticks) so the €68,99 german price tag (altert: the foundation is way cheaper in the UK) was pretty shocking but last week I bit the bullet and went for it! And let my tell you I am so happy I did - I absolutely adore this foundation.

Before I get into the product itself can we just take a moment and talk about the packaging?! How gorgeous is this bottle? It comes in a pretty heavy and very luxurious feeling, dark grey/see through glass bottle. It also as a pump - yaay - and a secure lid, which makes it great for traveling. It's definitely one of those products you don't want to hide in your drawers.

But the product itself is just as beautiful. The YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is a medium to full-coverage base which, despite the coverage would suggest, feels very light-weight on the skin. According to the description it claims to have skin-firming benefits and hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours to give a smooth and nourished appearance. It also claims to be long-wearing and anti aging.

Now being 21 years young I can neither confirm nor deny the anti aging and skin firming claims but what I have noticed is that whenever I wear this foundation my skin seems airbrushed and poreless, plus the radiant finish reflects the light which makes your skin look more youthful. As for longevity, the longest I've worn this foundation was about 12 hours. It didn't set into my expression lines or creased and at the end of the day it still looked radiant and beautiful.

The foundation has a slight scent to it, which smells delicious and even though I'm usually quite sensitive to perfumes in foundations it doesn't irritate my skin at all. It also doesn't kling on to any dry patches and is very easy to blend (I use a round-top buffing brush, Zoeva and Sephora do a great one).

Like I said before the foundation is quite pricey and retails for $69 in the US and £38 in the UK. But if you are from the US or Germany and don't want to spend this amount of money you can also purchase it from - it's a lot cheeper that way. All in all I think that despite the price tag the foundation is definitely worth a try. I'm absolutely in love with this foundation and it's already part of my holy grails. Have you tried this foundation before? What are your thoughts on it? xo, Marie 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Top 5 Life | Internships

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are doing well! When it comes to finding your career path, internships are a great way to get an insight many companies and different industries. Yet the application process can be quite challenging if not frustrating. We've all been there - sometimes you send out hundreds of applications and receive tons of denials or no response at all. Over the years I had my fair share of application processes and even though I've gotten quite lucky sometimes, I am still just as nervous. But I feel like somehow I've found a way where I can comfortably take part in another applications process without panicking. So I resumed my experience and came up with a few tips on how to find the right internship and I thought this week I would cover everything pre-job interview and in the second part I'm going to give you my tips on how to survive job interviews. Here goes: 

Do Your Research
This one seems kind of obvious but it's definitely essential when you are trying to find a suitable internship. Many companies (mostly bigger ones) present a detailed 'about us' page in their website. Reading this can give you a brief insight and first impression of what you're dealing with but don't stop there, try to read as much as possible. Look for job reviews from former employees or interns, news articles, social media pages, etc. This does not only help you instantly when deciding or writing you application but also later on in the process. 

Be Different - Be Special
Again quite obvious, yet essential especially when it comes to your application letter. Telling them what you have done before and what you want to do in the future is important but whats' even more important is to show them you are different. Most companies receive hundreds of applications a day so it's your job to make yourself seem interesting and different. The more you write about yourself the better - BUT don't overdo it. Make them believe you are open, friendly, hard-working and willing to learn but don't throw yourself at them. When it comes to this topic - balance is key. You don't want to sound desperate but you want them to believe that ignoring you application would be their loss, that you would bring something to the company they don't already have. Doing that in a written form is challenging but doable. 

Be Prepared
This goes for school reports, references from former teachers and/or employers, letters of recommendation and reports from any additional education you might have. For example, I did all the Cambridge exams during middle school and an additional business english exam during my A-Levels and I always keep pdf copies of my certificates on my laptop. When you send out your application letter you want to make sure you are prepared. If they happen to ask for something you don't want to take ages to send it out. *Edit: make sure you use the international template when writing your CV. It's easy and companies in every country will understand what you are talking about. 

Enthusiasm Is Key
This goes hand in hand with your application letter and always looks good. If you can't find any other email address than info@... call them and ask if you could speak to someone from human resources. I know this sounds intimidating but that way you've already had contact with someone inside the company and they already know your name which means they are more likely to actually read your application. Another key phrase is something like 'I would very much welcome the opportunity to visit your company for a job interview'. You always want to ad that little sentence to the end of your application letter even if it's for an internship abroad. They most likely won't ask you to get in a plane and travel to their country for a thirty minute job interview but they like to know that they could. Also (if it's possible) you might want to think about printing your application and hand it in personally. 

Be Persistent
Again, balance is key when it comes to persistence but it can help you get the job in the long run. Many companies don't reply to application letters for weeks, sometimes they forget about it so it doesn't hurt to follow up once in a while. Now I don't mean spamming them with emails or stalking them but calling or writing a polite email to ask if they have any news regarding the application process is totally okay. For example, when I applied for my last internship I didn't hear anything for weeks so while I was visiting my best friend in Munich I went to their office and asked if I could talk to someone or leave a message for the person in charge. Two hours later I received an email asking for a job interview.

There we go these are all my tips regarding the application process. I hope you liked this post and it was helpful to some of you. And even if you are not looking for an internship, I'm sure these tips work just as good when looking for a job in general. I am now going to send out some more applications for an internship this fall, wish me luck! Have a great easter weekend! xo, Marie

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint Tour Review

Hello loves! If you've read my blog for some time you will know that I absolutely love going to concerts and you will also know that hip hop/rap is my favourite genre when it comes to music. So when I heard that the queen herself, Nicki Minaj, would make her way down to Germany for the European leg of her 'The PinkPrint Tour' I thought why not combine the two and stop by. My parents and grandparents (bless them) got me two tickets for christmas so I've been looking forward to this day for months!

Since I've been loving Nicki and following her career for years I expected a over the top show to make it look as big as possible, but five minutes into the concert I realized that wouldn't be the case (which is good). 

Starting the show fashionably late she played an introduction video with lots of clips from red carpets, meet and greets, her family and her shows, with her voice in the background saying why she loves her job and what she feels is most important. To be honest I'm usually not a big fan of videos like that but surprisingly I thought it was very well made and besides - experiencing the crowds' response (just seeing and hearing her on the screen was enough for them to go crazy) actually gave me goosebumps. 
The phrase 'this is my life - this is the pink print' ended the video and the whole venue went dark. Shortly after she appeared on stage wearing a black lace dress and a veil covering her eyes rapping All Things Go followed by I Lied, The Crying Game and Only

When Nicki started performing Moment 4 Life the crowed completely lost it - probably my favourite part of the show! Everyone (me included) started rapping along forming a choir louder than Nicki herself! The vibe was just INSANE! 


The second part of the show was all about showing the crowed how 'hood' she still is. Accompanied by four female and two male dancers she performed Lookin Ass, Did It On'em, Beez In The Trap, the Dance (A$$) remix and Anaconda - definitely the craziest performance of the evening. 

Up next was the vulnerable part. Now what I didn't know was that she could actually sing. So her singing songs like Marilyn Monroe, Save Me and Grand Piano took me completely by surprise. Man she has a beautiful singing voice! Marilyn Monroe is now my new favourite song! Check it out if you haven't already! 

Changing into a very glittery and revealing bodysuit (showing her entire backside) she performed a mixture of old and danceable songs such as Super Bass, Trini Dem Girls, Whip It and Turn Me On


For the encore she changed into a sheer bright pink bodysuit, put on her blond wig and some Viva Glam Nicki and performed a remix of Bang Bang and The Night Is Still Young. After saying how much she appreciated every single one of her fans she performed the crowd pleaser Starships causing the crowd to completely loose it once again. 

All in all this show was a dope experience and nothing like I expected. Overall you could see that with this show Nicki didn't care about crazy productions and endless equipment. All she wanted was for the crowd to have a good time. She changed her outfit a total of six times, her makeup was bronzy yet quite subtle (yes I am a beauty fanatic I pay attention to things like that) and she looked absolutely beautiful! The setlist was well thought out and having Trey Songz as a special guest made it even more enjoyable - if you know what I mean, haha! The only things I didn't like were the extremely hot/humid venue and the fact that it took her crew almost 90 minutes to change the stage set up from Treys' to Nickis' but then again that's not really her fault, is it. I was in the middle of the crowd so I didn't manage to take good, non shaky photos but if you want to see bits of her performances, check out my Instagram

The European leg of the tour is still going with only a limited number of tickets left but if you are from the US and love hip hop, make sure you buy a ticket (click HERE) and stop by! Trust me you won't regret it! xo, Marie 
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