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Hello beautes! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today I'm back with the second part of my must-have makeup brushes, if you haven't read part one yet you can do so HERE. This time it's all about the eyes. When it comes to eyeshadow brushes I would focus more on what type of brush to buy rather than what brand to buy. That's why I thought I would give you a rundown of five brushes you need to basically create any eye look and recommend you the brands who I think sell great brushes in this category.

#1 Tapered Blending Brush: Before you start with any colour on you lid you want to put down a transition colour to help blend the shadows together. The MAC 224, the Sigma E40 and the Zoeva 221 are great for this purpose. All of them are long, fluffy, domed-shaped blending brushes which do the job just perfectly but the Zoeva brush is by far my favourite. I own a few of these just to make sure I always have a clean one which comes in handy when blending eyeshadows.

#2 Defined Blending Brush: The brush you want to use to blend your crease colour and create soft edges for a seamless look. This brush should be more dense than the first and therefore pick up the pigment of the shadow a lot better. I'd recommend getting the famous MAC 217, the Sigma E25 or the Zoeva 227. All of them are pretty much the same, they look the same and feel the same so if you are on a budget the one by Zoeva would be the cheapest out of the bunch.

#3 Shader Brush: Whether it's used for pigments, shadows or smudging eyeliner, a good shader brush (small and large) will always come in handy. In this case I think MAC is the way to go. The 242, 239 and 215 are my holy grail shader brushes. I use them literally them every day and love how easy fast they apply pigments. Hands down the best brushes I've used and definitely worth the money, but if you're on a budget I would try the ones by Sigma. I've personally never used them before but heard nothing but great things about them.

#4 Pencil Brush: Great for highlighting or smoking out the lower lash line. The bristles should be short and densely packed to place the colour in the tearduct area yet soft enough to smoke out any shadow. I'd recommend the 230 by Zoeva, cause it's like I said a earlier very affordable and does the job perfectly. Also, if you are on a really tight budget have a look at your local drugstore. I've seen a lot of promising brushes in the German drugstores recently and I'm sure Target or Boots/Superdrug sell good ones too.

#5 Small Angled Brush: Last but not least the brush you want to use for your gel eyeliner or your eyebrows. I know not everyone uses a gel liner or does their brows with powder but I wanted to include this brush anyway, cause it took me quite a while to find the one that works best for me and I know I would've loved to see what others recommend. I personally find it very hard to apply gel eyeliner (that's why I always shied away from it) but since I found the E65 by Sigma I just love it. It has the perfect size and density and makes it so easy to apply gel liner. If you are a liquid liner gal and scared to use a gel formula, try this brush it'll make it a lot easier.

There you have it guys. My must-have eyeshadow brushes. Thank you for reading and if you have a brush you feel like I should add to my collection please leave me a comment below! xo

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