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Happy Wednesday peeps! Next up in my ‘top 5' series is makeup brushes! Since I started collecting makeup I feel like I gained a whole host of makeup brushes and I definitely discovered a few gems by now that I’d consider ‘holy grail’ and part of my everyday makeup routine. Using high quality makeup brushes definitely makes a huge difference to the appearance of my makeup and helps give it a more polished and professional look. All of these brushes are definitely my 'go-to' brushes and because there are so many I decided to divide this topic into two posts. Today I'll show you my top 5 face brushes and on Sunday you'll get a look into my top 5 eyeshadow brushes. So without further ado let's talk brushes! 

ZOEVA Buffer #104: My favourite brush for applying liquid foundation. It's super soft and definitely helps to achieve a flawless base, no streaks, no lines no uneven application. The bristles are packed to the perfect density which allows you to pick up just the perfect amount of product. It's very similar to the Sigma F80 that everyone keeps going on about - without the heavy price tag.

ZOEVA Luxe Highlight #105: I own two of these brushes mainly to highlight my cheek bones and set my under eye area. It's the perfect size to set my under eye area and the tapered bristles allow you to apply highlighter to the highest point of the cheeks as well as down the bridge of the nose very precisely. You could also use it to create a soft contour or to set your t-zone with powder.

ZOEVA Luxe Sheer Cheek #127: Another all-rounder! I love using this brush for applying powder blushes or bronzer. It's the perfect size to fit my cheeks and as the name suggests it's basically impossible to pick up too much product with this brush, which I find to be very helpful when working with high pigmented blushes.

NARS ITA Kabuki: Hands down the BEST brush for contouring! When I first saw this brush on Jaclyin Hills YouTube Channel I instantly fell in love with it and even though it's extremely pricey (55$ it the most I ever paid for a brush) I bit the bullet and bought it. And I'm so happy that I did. This brush makes contouring so quick and easy and helps to achieve a stronger contour. I just love it!

Real Techniques Multi Task Brush: The brush I love using for literally everything! Whether it's foundation, blush, bronzer or setting powder, the multi task bush does its' job perfectly. And it's really affordable too, in fact all Real Technique brushes are amazing! If you are looking for affordable brushes to build up your collection these are the ones to go for!

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