Four Concerts You Should See In 2014

Hello beaut's! Hope you all are having a lovely week so far! Today's post is something that's not beauty related but still very close to my heart: Concerts! Since music is a big part of my life I thought I'd share my must-see concerts coming up late 2014/early 2015. Now, I don't know about you guys but for me concerts are a great way to meet new people and celebrate music in general. I absolutely love seeing my favourite artists live and I always have the best time at concerts. Unfortunately not all of the artists I'm going to mention are going to be playing in every country but since this is an international blog I thought I'd just mention them anyway, cause it might help some of you out there to decide whether to invest in a ticket or not...

Bruno Mars 'The Moonshine Jungle Tour': Definitely a must-see concert. I personally haven't had the chance to see him live on stage yet but some of my close friends went to his shows last year and told me it was absolutely amazing. The show he puts on for his crowed is supposed to be very energetic and fun! If you've seen his 2014 Brit Awards performance you'll know what I'm talking about (watch HERE). So far, I believe, he only announced dates in the US and Canada but as soon as he announces dates here in Germany or in the UK I'm definitely going to buy tickets! 

Kid Ink 'My Own Lane Tour': When he announced that he will be coming back to Germany to tour his new album 'My Own Lane', which is absolutely dope by the way, I went ahead and bought tickets. I already saw him last year on his 'Roll Up Tour' and was amazed by how much of an epic party it was. If you haven't heard of this guy before you clearly have been living under a rock. His last single 'Show Me' featuring Chris Brown (watch HERE) has been a hit and was all over the radio by the end of last year. His music is so great and definitely up there with Drake, Tyga, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and all the other rappers.

Ed Sheeran 'Multiply Tour': If you read my most recent favourites post (read HERE) you'll already know how much I love his new album. I said it there and I will say it again, the talent this guy has is absolutely incredible. Every time I watch one of his live performances on YouTube I always think how can one person have so much talent?! I'm totally amazed by how much of a true artist/musician he actually is. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying I consider artists who don't play an instrument or don't write their own songs fake, what I'm saying is that there is something about him that's rare and different. The way he puts his heart and soul into his songs, the way he gets into it when he's playing live, the way... wow slow down I'm getting way into this *lol*. Anyways I'm super happy and excited to see him live this fall and think everyone who can should get tickets. Believe me you don't want to miss out on that one! 

Tickets Germany (not many left)

Demi Lovato 'DEMI: World Tour': I love Demi Lovato for many different reasons one being obviously her music! The really makes some great music but what I also love about her is the fact that there is more to her than just her music. Over the past year she's been sharing really personal stories with the world and I have so much respect for her because of that. There are not many celebrities out there who would share as much as she did. I personally think the is so brave and strong and she is probably the only celebrity who I would say I look up to! I can't wait for her to announce dates in Germany or anywhere close to that. I would definitely travel for her cause I've been wanting to see her live every since her last album came out!

Tickets USA/Canada

So there you go guys! I hope you liked it post even though it's different from what I usually do. If you did, amazing, I'm planning on doing a lot more music related posts in the future! Are you going to any of these concerts? Do you know about other concerts I would love, please leave me a comment! xo, Marie 

Disclamer: These are concerts I personally think you would love. Your opinion could be completely different and that's fine. Obviously there are so many artists and people out there it would be impossible to mention something for everyone although I do think I managed to get quite a good mixture of genres.

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