Monthly Favourites: June 2014

Hello beaut's! I can't believe it's now July and I'm already writing my next favourites post. Crazy! Anyways this month I don't actually have a lot of beauty products to share with you, that's why I decided to throw in some random favourites as well. But instead of boring you with the long stories of why I ended up buying a bunch of products last minute I'm going to dive straight into the favourites.

Benefit 'They're Real Push Up Liner': One of the best eyeliners I've ever tried, but if you read last week's review on it (read HERE) there is not really much to add to that! I will say that it's not a hell of a lot easier than using a brush and a gel pot, but other than that it does all the things it claims to do.

Essie 'Mint Apple Candy' & 'Cute As A Button': My two FAVOURITE summer nail polishes of all time1 If you read my 'Summer Nails' post (read HERE) you'll know that I'm all about finding the perfect shades for summer and even though they always come out with new limited edition polishes for the summer I always find myself going back to these two. LOVE them!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation: Why the heck did I wait for so long to buy this product?! Seriously! I mean everyone's been raving about this foundation since the day it was launched but for some reason I never thought about buying it until last month. I was running out of my beloved Benefit foundation and  when I saw this on the shelves I just thought, whatever I'm just gonna try it. And it's great and soooo similar to the one by Benefit. I would say it's a bit thicker in consistency but other than that you can't really tell the difference.

'The Fault In Out Stars': Probably the saddest love story I've ever seen on screen. I'm not usually a fan of the 'crying my eyes out' love drama movies and it takes A LOT for me to cry in the cinema but 15 minutes into the movie and I started crying and let me tell you I wasn't the only one. My mum next to me was crying, I could here a few girls behind me crying and the women two rows in front of me were absolutely sobbing!

'Multiply' by Ed Sheeran: Oh boy, where should I start?! I've been waiting for this Album to be released since I first his first album came out back in 2010. I'm not gonna lie he kept us waiting for a long time but when I heard the first two songs I already knew it was worth it. This is what I call a masterpiece! The talent this man has is incredible! There is not one song on the album that I don't love but 'I'm A Mess', 'Don't' and 'Afire Love' are my absolute favourites! I know it's only July but this could be my album of the year, I've been listening to it almost everyday since I bought it on iTunes.

So, there you go guys. There are all the things I've been loving throughout June. What are yours? xo, Marie 


  1. The essie colours are great! I am so obsessed with that album as well, I've had 'Im a mess' on repeat for about a week!! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It's amazing, isn't it? I love listening to his music, you just know that it comes from his heart. He is incredibly talented! xx

  2. Oh those nail varnish's are gorgeous! I've actually been looking for a good mint nail varnish for ages, will have to try that one! Love knowing that there's someone who loves Ed Sheeran just as much as I do too! Still need to watch Fault in Our Stars, I've heard it's amazing.

    Looking forward to July's monthly favourites!

    Hazel Jane x

    1. Thank you! You're gonna love it! It's the perfect mint shade and the formular is great! I think there are many people out there who love him as much but to be fair I only really got into his music when I heared 'I See Fire', it reminded me of how much I loved 'Lego House' back in the day and then I went ahead and bought his first album, so I was kinda late to the party *lol*.

      Aww thank you! xo, Marie


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