Summer Lovin' #2: Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies! Today's Sunday which means I'm back with another 'Summer Lovin' post. Last week we talked about my favourite songs for summer (read HERE), this week it'll be all about my summer essentials. As I explained in my introduction post (read HERE) wearing makeup in the hot and humid weather can be quite tricky which is why I like to tone my everyday makeup routine to a minimum. So here are my summer essentials.

Benefit Say Flawless 15 Hour Primer: Starting off with a good primer, to me, is probably the most important step in my foundation routine. This one by Benefit is one of my all time faves. I already mentioned it a while back in my first ever favourites post. It's not one of those primers which will fill in your pores and give you a smooth surface but it kind of works like a magnet and makes your foundation last for absolutely ages! It's great for hot days cause you just apply it and you don't have to worry about your foundation moving around. It's amazing.

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream: Probably the PERFECT summer base! I only got it a week ago but after trying it for the first time I knew I've found an absolute gem! It's super lightweight, yet still gives enough coverage to blur out any redness or spots. It also sets to a matte, slightly powdery finish, which is great for summer! I usually apply this, concealer, some powder and I'm good to go.

NARS 'Orgasm': I'm absolutely obsessed with this blush. Like I said in my last face of the day (read HERE) it's such a pretty colour and goes perfectly with whatever lip colour you want to wear. Great for every day use. 

Urban Decay NAKED Basics: This palette comes in handy whenever I want to put more effort into my eye look. During the summer I usually like to wear liner, lashes and lips but for the days I want to switch it up a bit I usually use this palette. The colours might not be the most exciting but they are easy to work with and even though they all look really similar you can achieve a bunch of different looks with them.

Bright Lipsticks: For me, summer is the time to get all my bright and beautiful lipsticks out and show them some love. Like I said because I love wearing the liner, lashes and lips look I own quite a wide range of bright lipsticks but for today I picked out the three I wear the most. All of them are by MAC Cosmetics and the one of the left is called 'Toying Around' (a hot coral), the middle one is 'Happy-Go-Lucky' (a bright pink, kinda like Candy Yum Yum) and the one on the right is called 'Girl About Town' (a bight fuchsia).

Thank you for reading guys. If you're liking my summer series check back next Sunday for my Top 5 | Summer Foundations or subscribe to my blog and never miss a post. xo, Marie

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  1. Great faves! I really want to try that concealer and the blush is a gorgeous colour x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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