Summer Lovin #5: My Top 3 MAC Lipsticks For Summer

Hello lovelies! I can't believe we are already at #5 of my Summer Lovin' posts, I kind of feel sad that it's almost over! Anyways onto today's topic: my favourite summer lipsticks by MAC! I absolutely love wearing lipsticks during the summer, especially the bright ones! I think they spice up every look and are fun to wear. So without further ado, here are favourite MAC lipsticks for summer !

MAC 'Toying Around': One of my newest additions. A super pigmented hot coral with hints of pink in it. It's an Amplified which means it stays on all day/night without smudiging - perfect for those hot summer days. It was part of the Playland collection but I think you still can find it on amazon.

MAC 'Girl About Town': Hands up, who knew I would be mentioning this? I assume everyone *lol*. I am absolutely obsessed with one (and have been for years). Every time I wear this I get the nicest compliments. It's a beautiful bright fuchsia with blue undertones. If you wear this in the club or at a festival you'll definitely stand out! It's part of MACs permanent collection and a cult classic so it should be available at the stores or online.

MAC 'Chatterbox': A vibrant pink with blue undertones and one of my all time favourites. It's a great every day lipstick and paired with a neutral eye it looks stunning. I just love this one and it's also part of their permanent line so if think this colour is for you, what are you waiting for?

So these are my three favourite summer lipsticks by MAC. What are yours? xo, Marie

Disclamer: The reason I chose MAC as a brand is simply because almost all the lipsticks I own are by MAC and it's a brand every one can get their hands on and they make great lipsticks.


  1. All 3 of these are so pretty, especially 'Toying Around'

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Nächstes Mal bitte mit Lippenfotos... ;)

    1. Das ist schon länger mein Plan, ich habe nur noch nicht herausgefunden wie ich das am besten machen kann. Aber ich werde es versuchen :)


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