#100HappyDays: Week 1

Happy Sunday lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend - I certainly had! Last week I told you guys about the 100 Happy Day challenge and today I would like to share my first week with you.

Day 1: Monday was the 1st of September which, for me, tells me that Autumn (my favourite season of the year) will be here soon! Who else is SUPER excited for Autumn? Seriously, I can't wait for the leaves to change colour and the weather to get colder. I absolutely love the colder months.

Day 2: Tuesday was kind of a weird and hectic day but watching a bunch of 'The Following' episodes in the evening made me feel a lot better. I just love this show. If you've read my last post about my favourite TV shows (click HERE) you'll know that I'm obsessed with it.

Day 3: Even though Wednesday was really chilled I kind of felt stressed and a bit down to be honest but watching some of Sammis' (Beautycrush) old videos made me smile. She always cheers me up. I love her happy and lovely personality and her videos are so well made. I could watch her videos all day long!

Day 4: On Thursday I gave in and finally bought the Zara City Bag. I had my eye on this bag for absolutely ages but for some reason I never bought it. I needed (I say 'needed' but to be honest I own more than enough bags) a bigger bag with enough space for my laptop and notebooks - something appropriate for university. So I thought why not invest in a piece that's going to last me a while instead of buying something cheap that's going to fall apart in two months.

Day 5: On Friday I did my first ever 'beauty class' for some of my friends. I was really flattered when they asked me to teach them the things I know about makeup and I enjoyed every second of it. Being able to talk about the things I love always makes me happy.

Day 6: I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere but I'm actually moving out of my parents' house in three weeks which is why me and one of my oldest friends (we met in fifth grade) decided to go home decor shopping. Unfortunately we didn't find a lot but we still had a fun day together. We always laugh a lot and end up taking silly pictures, like this one.

Day 7: Today has been a really chilled day. I spent most of my day reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos (that's what Sunday are made for, right?) but I did start with some DIY home decor projects. I love the idea of spicing up boring home decor with some DIY. I'm planning on doing a few projects and I'm definitely going to share them on my blog, if they actually turn out looking good.

That's is it for my first week of the #100HappyDay challenge but before I go I'd like to tell you something exciting. Tess from simplybeingyoung.com and Hazel from hazeljane.co.uk are joining the challenge - starting tomorrow. Both of them are going to share their pictures on Instagram, so make sure to follow them @simplybeingyoung and @hazeljaneblog. If you fancy joining as well please do! The more people - the better. xo, Marie


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