#100HappyDays: Week 3

Happy Sunday lovelies! A few weeks ago I told you guys about the 100 Happy Days challenge I'm doing on my Instagram with a few other bloggers and every Sunday I'm sharing all the pictures here on my blog. So here we go:

Day 15: 'If you can't stop thinking about it - Don't stop working for it' - one of my favourite quotes! I have a long list of quotes on my phone and whenever I feel like I need some motivation I take a minute to read them. 

Day 16: A new shopping centre opened up close to where I live and as a shopaholic there was no way getting round going on the opening day. I found a Kiko and couldn't help but picking up a few things. Their eyeshadows are great! 

Day 17: The third week and I already failed to post a picture - sorry! I basically spent all day in bed with a migraine. I get them quite regularly and sometimes all I can do is lay in bed and meditate. I thought about posting anything just for the sake of this challenge but then I thought this is supposed to be for me and if I don't feel good I'm not going to pretend.

Day 18: I always get really nervous when I post something personal but reading the comments on my last post made me much more confident. You guys are so lovely, thank you! 

Day 19: September is coming to an end and all the shops are getting their Autumn fashion in. Jumpers, fluffy cardigans, beanies and boots everywhere you look! I love it! 

Day 20: Look at all these pretty colours. Everything about this season makes me happy. I really do love Autumn! 

Don't forget you can join along using the #100HappyDays anytime. Hazel, Carolin, Tess, Misha, Laura and Aisha are also doing it on Instagram. 

I've really been enjoying talking you through my week with the help of my happy days posts. What have you been up to this week? xo, Marie 

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