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Hello loves! I recently stumbled across the #autumnappreciation tag started by the lovely Carolin from olive-apple.com and since it's now almost the middle of September I thought I'd join along and share my seven favourite things about Autumn with you. Autumn has always been my favourite season of the year I just love everything about it really. But I'm gonna try my best to narrow it down. 

Chestnuts - Growing up I absolutely loved collecting tons of chestnuts and building little figures with them. Now I don't know if this is a thing in other countries but I'm sure my fellow German bloggers know what I'm talking about (please say you do!). You basically collect a bunch of chestnuts bring them home and get some toothpicks to stick them together. My favourite things to build were horses and hedgehogs but you can build many different things. I always used to do it in kindergarten with all my friends and I remember it being so much fun! 

Outdoor Workouts - For me, Autumn is the best time to get my trainers out and go for a run in the park. I love looking at all the pretty trees and the bright red and orange leaves and it's the perfect temperature to workout outside. Not too warm and not too cold - love it! 

Fashion - I'm not really a big fan of wearing shorts, vests, bikinis or skirts which is why I adore Autumn fashion. Jumpers, beanies, scarfs, tights and cardigans make me feel much more comfortable. I can't wait to go on my annual Autumn shopping trip. 

TV Series - As a fellow series junkie I absolutely agree with Carolin on this one. Summer breaks suck, at least when it comes to TV. I can't wait for all my favourite series to return. Only two and a half weeks until Grey's Anatomy is back, just sayin'. 

Halloween - Duh?! I mean who doesn't love Halloween? Horror movies, pumpkin carving, parties, Halloween makeup, I love it all! I'm such a child when it comes to things like this. Don't believe me? Oh just wait until Christmas, you'll see.

Burning Candles - I don't usually burn a lot of candles in my room but this year, for some reason, I've been really looking forward to buying candles. Maybe it's because I'm moving into my own flat in a few weeks I don't know but I can't wait to snuggle up on my sofa and burn some candles. I really wanna get one from Jo Malone.

Fresh Start - For me Autumn is not just about the pretty colours and the crunchy leaves. It's also about fresh starts. It doesn't matter if you're starting a new job, going to university or going back to school. The start of something new is always exciting - make it count! 

Can you tell I'm excited for Autumn? Do you love Autumn as much as I do? Please tell my why - I would love to know. xo, Marie


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    1. I'm so sorry I accidentally removed your lovely comment! God I'm useless at such things. :(
      This tag kind of reminded me of how much fun I had in Autumn as a child. I really want to do some chestnut figures now :) xx

  2. I love this post! I'm you new follower :D
    I will do this tag too on my blog and I'll quote you and oliveapple blog
    if you are interested in reading it you can find my post on my blog next days at http://c--makeup.blogspot.com

    ps. I do this tag in Italian 'cause I'm Italian :)

    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot! :) I just had a look at your post and even though I didn't understand a thing I really liked it. I loved the pictures you chose! xo, Marie

    2. thank you dear! :) I hope to have enough time in the future to write my posts both in Italian and English, I tried sometime months ago but it is too difficult for me now xD
      have a great day

    3. That's okay! :) oh let me know how it goes. Just don't give up. My English isn't perfect either but the more you write the better you become! I would love to read your posts! :) xx, Marie


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