#100HappyDays: Week 4

Hello lovelies! I'M BACK...FINALLY! I am so sorry that I've been missing in action for almost two weeks. If you don't follow me on Twitter you probably wondered why I abandoned my blog. Well, last week I moved out of my parents' house (yaay!) and because of all the excitement I kind of forgot to get a wifi connection, I know what was I thinking? Also, sorry that I've not been updating my Instagram regularly - the mobile connection is rubbish.

Anyways, I'm happy I got it all sorted out now and I can go back to blogging. I have a lot of posts planned so don't go anywhere and to get back into the swing of things I thought I would catch up with the latest #100HappyDays post - so here is how last week went. 

Day 22: If you've read my #autumnappretiation tag you'll know how much I love chestnuts. They bring back so many good memories - being in kindergarten with all my friends, building chestnut figures and not worrying about anything. I picked up a bunch! 

Day 23: Another week another TV series! And what a great one this is. I heard about Prison Break a while ago but never thought it was for me but boy was I wrong. I'm not gonna lie I watched the first two seasons in three days. Yes, I thought it was THAT good! God, I'm such a junkie - but what can I do? 

Day 24: Chinese food, red wine, and great company - the perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening!

Day 25: I didn't have time to take a picture that day so I thought I would post a little throwback Thursday. I don't think I have mentioned this before but last year I did a six months internship at Sony Music and it was amazing. I feel so blessed that I had the chance to work with such a great at big company before I even started university. I will never forget how much fun I had and how excited I was every morning to go to work. 

Day 26: 81 sleeps (crazy, right?) until Christmas, well not in IKEA! Seeing all these festive decorations made me so happy! Christmas is my favourite holiday and I can't wait to buy a tree, decorate it and sing 'all I want for Christmas is you'. Bring on the festivities

Day 27: Who doesn't love cupcakes? I mean just look at them - don't you want to throw your healthy diet out the window and eat them? I know I do. 

Day 28: Happy Potter, my childhood hero! Since I didn't have any internet, or TV I figured it would be the perfect time to do a movie marathon and watch all Harry Potter movies in a row. If you haven't seen them yet (yes there are still people out there who haven't seen them), well first of all where have you been? And second of all go an watch them I personally think they are a must for anyone born in the 90's. No wait, forget that, they are a must no matter how old you are!

More and more bloggers are joining the challenge. Head over to Hazel, Tess, Carolin, Misha, Laura, Aisha, Ottilie and Rebecca to see what they have been up to and don't forget you can join along anytime - we're all really enjoiying it.

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