#100HappyDays: Week 7

Happy Sunday lovelies! Today's #100HappyDays post will be a bit different. We are one day away from hitting half-time but this week hasn't been particularly great. At first I thought I'll just take daily pictures for the sake of this challenge but it just didn't feel right. It wouldn't be fair to you and to myself. I mean the whole point of this challenge is to help me appreciate the little things in life and be happy - but on some days it's just not possible. 
I've been feeling very overwhelmed and exhausted over the past week and I think it's partly due to the big change of going to university and partly because of some personal things. I'm just not used to spending all day in a class room anymore I guess and I'm one week away from the first exam which kind of freaks me out a little bit. Anyways I did manage to take a few pictures. 

Day 43: I just love these cute pictures with inspirational quotes on them. I saw this one in a window of a cute little shop. I will definitely going back there to ask them where I can buy these. 

Day 45: I've fallen back in love with berry lips! By the way this is the Rimmel lipstick in 480 I talked about in my favourites post. I'm obsessed with it! 

Day 46: Throwback Thursday to winter 2012. My mum sent me this picture for a photo collage I've been trying to put together. It is one of my favourite pictures and I absolutely can't wait until it's cold enough to snuggle up in a big coat, a big scarf and a fluffy beanie! 

Day 47: Another quote picture (it's actually part of the lyrics of 'you are my sunshine' took me quite some time to realise that). So cute!

Day 48: I also found the cutest video of a little boy in a minion costume! I know it's not a picture but I wanted to share it anyways because it made me laugh a LOT! Click HERE to watch it and thank me later! That boy is adorable! 

I'm sorry if this week has been quite boring but I'm trying to get back on track as soon as possible. Like always don't forget to head over to HazelTessCarolinMishaLauraAisha and Ottilie to see what they have been up to and head over to my Instagram for daily updates! What have you been up to this week? xo, Marie 

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