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Hi beauties! "Why do you spend so much money on makeup?" - "Do you really need all of that?" - "Why does it always have to be the expensive stuff?"
If you are a makeup lover/enthusiast/collector/addict (or whatever you want to call it) like myself you probably heard at least one of these statements at a point in your life and even though this discussion has been going on for ever I feel like with the rising success of the online beauty community it has gotten a lot more attention recently. And like most of us beauty lovers I find these questions to be little annoying and I hate to justify myself every time I buy a new lipstick. So I thought why not write a post about it and hopefully some of you can relate. 
First of all I'd like to point out that this is my personal opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.

"Why do you spend so much money on makeup?" 
Well, let me put it that way. Makeup to me is like shoes or handbags to other women or video games and trainers to men. Everyone has at least one thing they always go back to and just can't leave on the stand and for me this is makeup. I absolutely love wondering around the shops, chatting to the makeup artists and swatching everything I can get my hands on - as weird as it might sound this excites me greatly. I am not too crazy about shoes or a new handbag but a limited edition lipstick makes me squeak from time to time (no joke - my mum always makes fun of me because of that). 

"Do you really need all of that?" 
No, probably not - but that particular lipstick could make my collection that tiny bit more interesting. I mean why do guys feel the need to buy FIFA15 if FIFA14 works perfectly fine? According to my mates because the graphics get a little better each time, or there are new players available. Why do some women feel the need to buy tones of different handbags? Because this one might go perfectly with a new outfit. The same goes for makeup - maybe that lipstick has exactly the amount of blue undertones I was looking for. (And to all the people who think it's ridiculous to have more than one product of the same colour: there is no such thing as same colour. A red is not just red, if you look closely there are tones of different reds.)

"Why does it always have to be the expensive stuff?"
Now this is something that's quite hard to explain. Why would you pay 30 quid for a lipstick when you can get a similar one for 3 quid? Well let me give it a try. For me personally it is a way of treating myself. Having a lipstick in, for example, a gorgeous gold bullet (I do love me some YSL) makes me feel a lot more glamorous than a drugstore lipstick and on some days that's just what you need. Most people probably can't even tell the difference but you can, and that's what counts - I think.

And as a side note - please stop saying we buy all these products to impress guys. Of course there are days where you put a little more effort into your makeup because of someone special but there is a limit to this. We buy it because this is something we enjoy. This whole beauty community is a community from women for women (or people who like makeup in general) and it wasn't built up on the thought of tricking guys or giving them a 'wrong' impression. We just really love makeup, that's all.

I hope some of you can relate and if you have someone in your life who doesn't understand why you need this nail polish try to say it this way. Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments, I would love to read what you guys think. xo, Marie


  1. Really great post! I agree - everyone has different interests and makeup shouldn't be lowered. I don't care what people spend their money on so they shouldn't either ;)

    Sam |


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