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Hello lovelies! When you're getting into makeup the first thing you might ask yourself is how to find the perfect foundation shade. Even though this probably is quite easy when buying high end foundations (you could just get yourself matched right at the counter) it can be quite tricky and frustrating when trying to find a drugstore foundation. But don't stop trying just yet because I have compiled my top 5 tips for you on how to find the perfect foundation shade (or at least close to perfect). Before I start I just wanted to say that I'm not a professional makeup artist, these are just tips I compiled over these years I've been playing with makeup and have worked best on people I recommended them aka friends and family - so here we go:

 1. Determine Your Undertone
Have you ever wondered why two foundations that look pretty much identical in the tube can look totally different on you? Well that's due to your skins undertone. Something that's not really noticeable but can make a huge difference because knowing your right undertone can help you choose the makeup that will look best on you. The most common undertones are cool (a pinkish or bluish undertone) warm (a yellow or golden undertone) and neutral (a mix of both). There are a few ways to find out your undertone, one being the vein test. Although this test does not work on everyone it can be a quick and easy. If your veins look blue you probably have a cool undertone if they look greenish your undertone is warm and if you can't really tell you're probably neutral. The second one is the silver/gold test which is also pretty easy and works on a lot of people. If silver accessories look best on you you're most likely to be cool, if gold looks best on you you're probably warm and if both look good on you you're neutral. These are just two of many ways to find your undertone - this topic is probably worth a post of it's own. 

2. Always Test On Your Gawline
When you're on the hunt for the perfect foundation shade, something you want to avoid is testing the colour on the back of your hand. In your day to day life your hands are always out catching sun light (even in the colder months) which makes them the darkest compared to the rest of your body. The jawline on the other hand usually is the perfect place to test foundation (even when using fake tan). You gonna want to blend it down your neck anyways to prevent it from looking like a mask.

3. Test In Day Light
The next thing you want to keep in mind it the lighting. Drugstores usually tend to have bright and unflattering lighting so what I like to do is take the little tester apply a little bit to my jawline/neck, go outside and see how it looks in natural lighting.

4. Rather Go Lighter Than Darker
If you can't find a perfect match for you (which happens to me all the time) I would suggest picking up the colour that's actually a little too light for you because you could always build up the colour with a slightly darker powder or a bronzer and besides most foundations tend to oxidise a little bit throughout the day which also makes them a little darker.

5. Don't Forget Your Neck (And Ears)
Another thing you could do if you can't find the perfect shade (in fact something you always want to do) is to blend the foundation down your neck and on to your ears. This will give the effect that your foundation fades into your natural skin colour which makes it look much more natural and also prevents that mask-like line on your jawline.

Like I said these are just five of many ways to find you perfect foundation shade. The point of this is to find what works best for yourself and I hope this gives you an idea of what you can do. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below and I will be sure to get back to you. xo, Marie

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