Blogmas Day 5: Packing for London

Hi lovelies! If you read this on Friday I'm already in London, my favourite city in the world, doing loads of Christmas shopping. One thing I always struggle with, when going on a weekend trip is packing my suitcase. I either pack way too much or forget half the things I need. So I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the things that I'm goint to be taking to London, not only to control myself but also to give you a little guide on what you might need if you've never been to London/the UK before. 

Clothes: When it comes to clothes I never really know what to pack, which means I'm never fully prepared. Are we going out? Is it going to be cold? Will it rain? All questions I never know the answers to. This time, however, I tried to pack as little clothes as possible, so I decided to pack my denim trousers and pair it with a black shirt. For a more "smart" look I packed a pair of black trousers and a purple shirt. I also packed my big tartan scarf I got from Mango the other week. I absolutely love it, it's really big, cosy and will definitely keep me warm!

Accessories: I'm a huge lover of accessories because I think - when chosen the right ones - they can dress up any outfit and make it clubbing appropriate. So I packed this gorgeous necklace I got from Primark a few weeks ago. It still has the tag on it because I didn't get the chance to wear it yet. I also packed my gold Fossil watch which I love and wear every day, some bracelets and a ring. Gold accessories, red lips and nail polish make me feel super festive. Love it!

Makeup: Now this is where I always tend to go a bit overboard. For some reason I'm really indecisive about what I want to take. I always start with one palette but then I think what if I want to wear something this palette doesn't have? And in goes another one - but this time I tired to only take my essentials. I mean let's be honest, I'm going to London and I'm probably going to buy a lot of makeup so I really don't need three different palettes, haha! I went for the Too Faces Chocolate Bar palette, the NAKED Basics (because it has my eyebrow colour it it), the L'Oreal Ture Match foundation, Hoola bronzer and Rockateur blush by Benefit, a MAC powder and two lipsticks. Not too bad right?

I also packed my favourite Primark boots, the nail polish I'm currently wearing and the Christina Aguilera perfume. I got my first bottle during my first trip and internship in London a few years ago and since then I always take this with me when I go to London because it brings back so many great memories. It definitely is an essential. But of course the one thing you should really have in your handbag when going to London I forgot - an umbrella. Great, haha!

Even though I have been to London multiple times I'm always greatfull for any recommendations you guys can give me. Any shops, restaurants or places I absolutely need to visit? Please let me know! Have a great weekend! xo, Marie 


  1. Loving the plaid and those fabulous black booties!

    x Sarah

    1. Thank you so much! The boots are super comfy I literally wear them every day! :) xx, Marie


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