Blogmas Day 9: #100HappyDays - We Made It!!

Hello beauties! Now I know it's technically not blogmas day nine anymore but I didn't want to not post anything today, even though this seminar paper is driving me insane and I've been having a bad migraine today, but since the pain killers kicked I thought I would quickly type up the last of my #100HappyDays challenge post. I can't believe the challenge over already, it feels like the days just flew by!

Day 92: Hello December, my favourite month of the year! 

Day 93: I'm obsessed with twinkly lights at the moment. I don't have a Christmas tree in my flat so that's about as Christmassy as I can get. Sad I know, but I'm going to go back home next week so I figured some twinkly lights would be enough, lol. 

Day 94: My mum made some Christmas cookies! Sadly not for me because I'm about a three hour drive away from her but were definitely going to make some more as soon as I get home! Christmas wouldn't be complete without a proper Christmas cookie bake-off.

Day 95: Drawing Minions during a lecture probably isn't the best idea but I couldn't help myself, I just love them! Seriously, why can't they be real? I would get a whole army just for myself, haha!

Day 96: 'Mind the gap between the train and the platform!' - Oh London, how much I've missed you!

Day 97: Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, extremely busy but definitely worth it! If you'd like to see some more pictures click HERE and have a look at yesterdays post.

Day 98: Saw the most beautiful sunset from the plane back to Frankfurt! It was absolutely stunning! 

Day 99: Aren't these the most adorable Christmassy socks you've ever seen? I'm not gonna lie, they were a bit expensive (I normally would never pay £4 for one pair of socks) but I couldn't leave them behind. 

Day 100: Final day of the #100HappyDay challenge. I'm pretty sad it's over to be honest, but I choose to be happy and so should everyone else!

This is what I've been up to lately. It's so strange that the challenge is now over, I quite enjoyed giving you guys an inside to what my weeks look like. I might even continue these kind of posts maybe not right away and under a different name but I'm definitely going to find a way. As  always don't forget to check out HazelTessCarolinMishaLauraAisha and Ottilie to see their #100HappyDays posts. What have you been up to lately? xo, Marie

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