My 2014 Highlights

Hello there you lovely lot - long time no see. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with love, great food and quality time with your loved ones! Even though the days leading up to Christmas were insanely busy for me, I still managed to stay in a festive mood and spent some time with all the people, I don't get to see as often as I would like since I moved out. Some of you probably noticed that I've been very quiet during the last weeks, even though I promised to do Blogmas. Well, when I was writing on my first seminar paper my laptop just broke on me and took almost everything I wrote with him - what a glorious moment! So not only did I have nothing to write my seminar paper with, I had to start all over again. I then pretty much spent all the following nights (sometimes until 4 a.m) at my University because they had one old Computer I could write with, thank god! Anyways I managed to hand the paper in one time (ten minutes before the deadline) and can now fully enjoy my Christmas break, which means I have plenty of time to share many new blog posts with you. Since this year is coming to an end I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on some of my personal highlights in 2014 before making my New Year's resolutions.

Summer Holiday in Spain
At the top of the list is the little ten-day holiday I spent with one of my closest friends in Spain. I just loved everything about it but spending time with my friend was what made it so special. Lena and I have been friends for about four years but since we graduated from school and kind of went separate ways it's been really hard to find time to catch up. So this holiday was just what we needed. We had the best time and are already thinking about where to go next. I uploaded an entire post about this holiday, so if you fancy reading about what we got up to click HERE.

Fifa World Cup
I'm usually not a big Football fan but when it comes to the World Cup even I will sit in front of the TV or go to a public viewing event. This isn't part of my highlights because our team won but because I absolutely love how this event brings everyone together. Everybody's going crazy and you meet so many old friends you haven't seen for ages. I haven't had so much fun watching a football match in years! Also it was the first World Cup we've won since I was born so this definitely was a summer to remember.

Ed Sheeran 'Multiply' Concert
I am a huge lover of going to concerts and this year, as well as last year, I've been to many but Ed Sheerans' Multiply concert in Munich is the one that stood out to me the most. I mean his music on its' own is amazing but seeing him perform all of it live was incredible.  It definitely was the best concert I've ever been to. If you want to know more about the concert you can read the little review I uploaded HERE.

Going to University
As some of you might know, earlier this year, I started studying Music Business at a University here in Germany. This is something I wanted to do for quite some time and I am beyond happy that it finally happened and I'm one step closer to my dream which is working as an artist manager. At the beginning I thought I might regret not choosing an international course or even a University in the UK but I actually don't. I feel like this is the right course for me and who knows if everything goes well (fingers crossed) I might even spend some time in the USA next year - can't wait! *does excited dance*

Creating Fascination Beauty
Last but certainly not least is creating my blog. I've been thinking about doing something like this for almost two years until I finally went ahead and created this little place on the internet in March. At first I was really worried about what my friends would say and if I could keep up with it but now I'm beyond happy that I did it. I love sharing all my favourite things and random rambles with you. During that short amount of time I met many lovely people and I'm thankful for every single one of my readers. Just thinking that there are some people out there who take the time to read my blog feels very surreal to me but makes me very happy. 

There you go, these are some of the 2014 highlights I want to remember. I can't believe this year is coming to an end, it literally feels like it just flew by. But with so many exciting things happening, I guess, it's easy to forget the time. I would love to read about your personal highlights too, so leave me a comment below if you like. xo, Marie 

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