Best of 2014 Part 2: Music

Hello beauties! I hope you all had a great week, if not - hang on it's almost the weekend. Welcome to the second instalment of my 2014 favourites, the music edition. If you are new to my blog you probably won't know this about me but I am a music enthusiast who's currently studying music business. I can't start or end my day without listening to music and I absolutely love discovering new songs or artists. However last year I feel like I kinda stuck to what I already knew and liked. So in today's post I will talk about the albums that stood out to me as well as some of my favourite songs that were part of every party.

The album that took over 2014. When he released his second album (that we've been waiting for three years) it went to the top of the charts all over the place, especially after that  amazing Glastonbury performance. And rightfully so! Even though it completely deviates from his older more acoustic work, it is still just as brilliant. Different to his first album + you come across many songs which have more of a groovy/funky vibe to them like Don't, Bloodstream or Runaway. However you can also find songs like Photograph or Shirtsleeves which sound more like his older work. I absolutely love the variety of genres that influenced this album and bring a different kind of energy to the music. I've been listening to this album almost every day since its' release and I still can't get enough. His lyrics are so relatable which makes it really easy to dose off into your own world. If you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet definitely give it a go, you will not regret it - there is something for everybody on this album. 

When I was going through my stash of Cd's trying to pick the ones for this post, James Arthurs' debut album was a no-brainer for me, even though it technically wasn't a 2014 album. He released his first album, I believe, in November 2013 and I've been listening to it and loving it ever since. Despite songs like You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You or Lie Down which are more upbeat and groovy, I would say the album has a more relaxed and slow, sometimes even 'sad', vibe to it. Meaning that it is basically the perfect album for 'not so feel good' days (those days where we just want to stay in bed, listen to music and think about what's on our mind). On the one hand you have songs like Recovery or Supposed which are two beautiful slow tracks that will help you think things through and eventually make you feel better. On the other hand you come across songs like Get Down that are really motivational and help you to get back on track. If you haven't had a chance to listen to his album or any of his work, for that matter, give it a go. His voice is amazing and he is really talented. (I really hope this made sense)

Another feel good album by one of my favourites, Olly Murs. 'Never Been Better' hasn't been on the market for too long (released in November) but still stood out to me immensely. I am a fan of his music for quite a while now and if there is one thing that you can be sure of it's that his music never fails to make you feel good. Like his last three albums 'Never Been Better' is filled with a number of happy, feel good songs like Did You Miss Me, Can't Say No or Wrapped Up which will definitely make you want to dance. However you also have songs like Hope You Got What You Came For or History which are more stripped down and personal but equally as great. All in all this is a great album and one that you definitely should give a go. I love all the songs but if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be Wrapped Up, it makes me want to dance and definitely helps me to get up in the morning. 

Last but not least I created a little playlist with all my random favourite songs of 2014 for you, so if you're interested in what else I've been loving just have a little browse or click play and who knows maybe you can find some of your favourites in this list too.

There you have it guys, my 2014 music favourites. I hoped you enjoyed this slightly different post as much as I did writing it. Music is my passion and I love sharing these kind of things with you. If you fancy reading about the beauty bits I've been loving click HERE or come back on Sunday for my 2015 movie favourites. Hope you have a great weekend, xo Marie. 

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