Nicki Minaj The PinkPrint Tour Review

Hello loves! If you've read my blog for some time you will know that I absolutely love going to concerts and you will also know that hip hop/rap is my favourite genre when it comes to music. So when I heard that the queen herself, Nicki Minaj, would make her way down to Germany for the European leg of her 'The PinkPrint Tour' I thought why not combine the two and stop by. My parents and grandparents (bless them) got me two tickets for christmas so I've been looking forward to this day for months!

Since I've been loving Nicki and following her career for years I expected a over the top show to make it look as big as possible, but five minutes into the concert I realized that wouldn't be the case (which is good). 

Starting the show fashionably late she played an introduction video with lots of clips from red carpets, meet and greets, her family and her shows, with her voice in the background saying why she loves her job and what she feels is most important. To be honest I'm usually not a big fan of videos like that but surprisingly I thought it was very well made and besides - experiencing the crowds' response (just seeing and hearing her on the screen was enough for them to go crazy) actually gave me goosebumps. 
The phrase 'this is my life - this is the pink print' ended the video and the whole venue went dark. Shortly after she appeared on stage wearing a black lace dress and a veil covering her eyes rapping All Things Go followed by I Lied, The Crying Game and Only

When Nicki started performing Moment 4 Life the crowed completely lost it - probably my favourite part of the show! Everyone (me included) started rapping along forming a choir louder than Nicki herself! The vibe was just INSANE! 


The second part of the show was all about showing the crowed how 'hood' she still is. Accompanied by four female and two male dancers she performed Lookin Ass, Did It On'em, Beez In The Trap, the Dance (A$$) remix and Anaconda - definitely the craziest performance of the evening. 

Up next was the vulnerable part. Now what I didn't know was that she could actually sing. So her singing songs like Marilyn Monroe, Save Me and Grand Piano took me completely by surprise. Man she has a beautiful singing voice! Marilyn Monroe is now my new favourite song! Check it out if you haven't already! 

Changing into a very glittery and revealing bodysuit (showing her entire backside) she performed a mixture of old and danceable songs such as Super Bass, Trini Dem Girls, Whip It and Turn Me On


For the encore she changed into a sheer bright pink bodysuit, put on her blond wig and some Viva Glam Nicki and performed a remix of Bang Bang and The Night Is Still Young. After saying how much she appreciated every single one of her fans she performed the crowd pleaser Starships causing the crowd to completely loose it once again. 

All in all this show was a dope experience and nothing like I expected. Overall you could see that with this show Nicki didn't care about crazy productions and endless equipment. All she wanted was for the crowd to have a good time. She changed her outfit a total of six times, her makeup was bronzy yet quite subtle (yes I am a beauty fanatic I pay attention to things like that) and she looked absolutely beautiful! The setlist was well thought out and having Trey Songz as a special guest made it even more enjoyable - if you know what I mean, haha! The only things I didn't like were the extremely hot/humid venue and the fact that it took her crew almost 90 minutes to change the stage set up from Treys' to Nickis' but then again that's not really her fault, is it. I was in the middle of the crowd so I didn't manage to take good, non shaky photos but if you want to see bits of her performances, check out my Instagram

The European leg of the tour is still going with only a limited number of tickets left but if you are from the US and love hip hop, make sure you buy a ticket (click HERE) and stop by! Trust me you won't regret it! xo, Marie 


  1. I love Nicki - I think she's such a goddess! It sounds like such a fun night, I was gutted I missed the tour when it came to the UK. Loved reading this post though, going to listen to Marilyn Monroe now!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. She is! Absolutely stunning! Whats' your thoughts on Marilyn Monroe?
      Oh what a bummer but I've heard she is performing at the Wireless Festival on Sunday the 5th of July with loads of other cool artists! Maybe you can see her there, would definitely be worth it! :) xx


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