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Hello lovelies! One of my favourite things to do in life, besides playing around with new makeup, is traveling. Ever since I was little I couldn't wait to go on holiday with my family to explore foreign countries with all their hidden secrets. And even though you try to always explore new cities you can't help but fall in love with certain places and revisit over and over again. For me this place happens to be London. I don't know why but ever since I first visited I fell in love with this city. Besides the lovely people, the beautiful sights and awesome shopping experiences there is so much this city has to offer. So I thought why not do a Tag about London and answer some questions that might help when you're visiting for the first time or just want to see what I love to to whenever I'm in London. 

1. Favourite place for breakfast?
Well to be quite honest with you I've never had a proper breakfast in London before. Whenever I visit I'll either eat breakfast at my hotel, or just grab a hot chocolate and a panini at Costa. But the drinks and snacks in Costa are absolutely amazing (I actually like it a lot better than Starbucks). 

2. Favourite Boots or Superdrug?
Easy. For Superdrug the one on Oxford Street near the Marble Arch Tube station - it's huge, they stock everything and the staff is so lovely. For Boots probably the on in Westfield. I think it's the one in White City but I'm not completely sure, I just know it's right next to Shepherd's Bush. It's very big, they have everything you could ask for and the staff is really helpful. I just love browsing around in these two and I can easily spend an hour or more in there. 

3. Favourite beauty hall?
Selfridges, duh. They have every high end brand you could ask for and the display is absolutely beautiful. It's what I like to call beauty heaven, as soon as you get through the door, it sucks you right in and you want to look (and buy) everything. I can spend hours in there, seriously, if you don't want to stand around waiting don't let me loose or I will disappear, haha. 

4. Your favourite area for everything?
Hm... It depends on the season I guess. In summer I'd probably say Covent Garden or Camden, just because it's nice to walk around. In autumn/winter I'd probably say Westfield. Now, I know this is a shopping centre but it has everything you need. Tons of shops (high end and affordable), lovely Restaurants, Cocktail Bars and it's always so cosy and warm, which is always a plus. 

5. Favourite park for walks?
I usually don't go on walks when I'm in London but I've been to Primrose Hill before which was very nice. 

6. Tip for the tube?
Oh the tube, always an experience. If you've never been to London before, you should definitely look up a tube map online and try to find you way before hand because when you look at it for the first time it's very confusing and there is nothing worse than standing in a very busy tube station not knowing where you have to go. But just in general I'd say take a hand sanitiser with you and always have your Oyster Card (or ticked) ready, believe me you don't want to get to the exit still looking for your ticket, tube stations are always very busy and confusing as it is and you don't want a line building up behind you. 

7. What would your perfect day out in London include?
Depends on the season but let's say it's a lovely spring day - so my day would start with a breakfast to go from Costa (hot chocolate and a panini). Then I would probably go to oxford street for some morning shopping. Next I would grab a quick snack for lunch (not a big lunch lover) and head to Westfield for some more shopping. I would probably go back to Piccadilly around five or six for an early dinner. For the evening, depending on my mood, I would either go to a club, a cocktail bar or see a west end play. 

8. Your London secret? 
Walk! I know this sounds weird but trust me if you know your way around, or even if you don't try to walk everywhere. One thing people don't realise is that the sights and shopping areas in central London are actually quite close together and you see so much more of this beautiful city by walking. If you are scared to get lost, don't be. There are lots of city maps standing at the side of the roads showing you where you are and what's around you and if that doesn't help just ask. 

9. Favourite gallery/museum?
I really like the British Museum near Russell Square. 

10. Favourite bar/club?
I don't go to clubs very often but I have been to one on Leicester Square (I think it's called the Penthouse) a few years ago and I remember really liking it but then again I'm not really picky with clubs, as long as they have a good R&B/Hip Hop floor or area, I'm good. For bars definitely the MayFair Hotel Bar on Stratton Street - Green Park Station. I know it is expensive and posh but I did do an internship there so I always like to go back and have a drink or two. Their drinks are amazing! 

These are some of the things I love doing in London. There is obviously so much more to do and even though I have been countless of times I still haven't done everything so if you know a place I should visit please let me know. And if you know any other city in the UK I should visit please let me know too, I really want to see more of the UK. xo, Marie

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