You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Hello my loves! I hope you all are doing well! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a video from the Dove YouTube Channel and instantly wanted to share it with you guys. In the video they asked multiple women to sit with a forensic artist and describe their face. The artist took his time and drew the women based on what they described. Then they asked strangers, who just met these women for the first time, to describe what they saw. And what they saw was completely different from what the women described. After the sketch was finished they hung them up right next to each other and asked the women to come back in. And what happened next was just so beautiful. 

They asked the women back inside, showed them the sketches and asked what do you see? Even then most of them said a more beautiful version of me. Even then they didn't realise that this is who they are, this is their beauty. 

The one thing they all agreed with is that they need to work on themselves. Not on their looks but on the way they see themselves. To be honest if I would've been asked to describe my face I probably would've stuck with my big nose, my big oval face, my thin, frizzy hair and my dry skin - which are the things I don't like about my face. I would've totally forgotten about the things I feel are okay, like my eyes or my lips, or the way my eyebrows are shaped. 

Seeing all these women looking at their sketches and realising that they are way more beautiful than they think made me think that maybe we are just not made to see ourselves in the right light. The thing is, just because you are not blond or brunette or have a sculpted face and big blue eyes or a clear skin doesn't mean you are not beautiful. Beauty is relative which means that what might not look great to you, can look beyond beautiful to another person. We as women spend so much time analysing the things we feel are wrong that we actually oversee all the the things that are right. We definitely are our own worst critic. But life is so short, we shouldn't waist time worrying what others think about us, about the way we look because most of the time they won't think the same.

I feel like this is not just about low self-esteem, this also is about perspective. We deal with our personalities every day, we look at our bodies every day - sometimes more often than we should. We fight out own battles every day which is why, over time, we lose perspective. What the women described weren't necessarily their facial features, what they described were the battles they are fighting. One woman talked about her tired and sad looking face which as you can see from the video wasn't at all what her facial features implied, it was what she felt like. She felt tired and sad, yet when you look at it from a perspective, her face still looked beautiful. Which is why we all should take the time and try to see us from a different angle. We should try to see ourselves like strangers do, because when they look at us they don't see our battles. Our battles don't define us.

So next time we stand in front of the mirror we should say you know what maybe I look tired today but my eyes are still big and beautiful, maybe I look sad today but that's okay. I might be sad now but I won't be forever. Always remember, this too shall pass. xo, Marie 


  1. What a wonderful post. The best thing i've read this week, and such an eye-opener! thank-you for sharing x

    1. Thank you SO much Sophie! You just made my day! I'm glad you like the post! It was such an eye-opener for me too but not just this video, all of their videos have beautiful messages! They are so uplifting, you should check them out! Xx, Marie

  2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!


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